Sasural Simar Ka 8th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 8th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanjana says to anjali this doll is so pretty let me pray as well. Anjali says i will hide it who finds it first will play with it. Anjali closes it. Anjali hides the doll in temple. anjalu says go find it. Anjali says i wont. I will play with it first. Sanjana says i dont need your doll.
Anjali is playing with the doll. Devika says can you hear me? Anjali says yes doll whats your name? Simar comes in. Devika says simar didi.. but simar doesn’t listen. She takes anjali with her.

Devika says I have no sugar. Mataji says you can take it from here. I have to make sweet. Devika says my grandmom used to say that on full moon you should make sweet.
Khushi says in heart i knew they could know her reality.Uma says give me the pot i will bring tea.

says simar didi if you do this pooja whole bahardwaj family would be blessed. Khushi is dazed. Mataji says thats such a good thought. Simar says i would love to. You will have to help me because i dont know much about this pooja. Khushi says how can i expose her. I dont know what she is gonna do.
Uma gives sugar to devika.
Devika says from temple simar didi please dont do this. Dont listen to her.she says anjali where are you can you listen to me?

Everyone prepares for the pooja at rooftop. Simar says i will do this for my family. Mataji says you are so cocerned.
Patali asks khushi to kill simar. Khushi says i cant even imagine doing this. Patali strangles her and says you have to do this or i will ruin your life and kill your son. She throws khushi away.
Khushi puts oil on the stairs. Patali is making her do this. Khushi says i am sorry. She will kill my son. Simar comes downstairs. Simar says you are here devika. Simar says khushi.. what happened? are you okay? Khushi says no i am fine. Simar steps forward and slips from the stairs. Everyone picks her up and puts her on sofa. Khushi is crying. Sh says in heart i should tell them. Khushi looks at devika and stops. Prem says simar open your eyes.
Simar says my feet hurt badly. doctor says its a sprain. She says has to do bed rest for one week. Mataji says yes she will. He writes medicines for her.
Mataji sees oil on stairs. she says may I know who has done this? Whose irresponsibility is this? Who spill oil on stairs.

Precap-Khushi says please God save simar. Patali says nothing wil happen. Your God can’t save your family.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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