Sasural Simar Ka 8th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 8th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prem burns Simar’s pictures and says from now on our relationship is over.
Simar says to Prem’s picture love is never over. Its about time that we should be together. Please come back.
Prem says these eyes will never dream of you again. Our relationship is over.
Simr says my eyes are dying to see you but I know, this is my belief that we will be one.
Prem takes out Simar’s picture from wallet too and burns it too. Prem recalls his moments with Simar. The song ‘Noor e Khuda’ plays in background. prem goes back to his room. Khushi sees the ashes and says this is your fate Simar. And this is your worth now. Khushi says laughs Pari comes there too and they mix the ashes in water. Pari says Prem is so mad at her what has she done? Khushi

says we have to be careful the this fire should never be extinguished.

Doorbell rings, Simar opens the door and says I will go back to my Prem. She opens its prem.. Simar is dazed. Simar says prem ji you here.. Prem doesn’t look at her. Simar says I knew you would come and find me. Prem says can I come inside? Simar says sorry I forgot please.. He says you have forgotten a lot of stuff. Simar says you know I missed you so much. Prem looks at her in tears. simar says you have a son Piyush.. Prem says I thought the name Piyush bharadwaj not Kapoor. You might be facing legal problems right? I am here to solve them for you.. Simar says I don’t get it. Simar says what is it? Prem says there were things incomplete between us.. this paper will fill them. Simar opens they are divorce papers.. Simar is dazed. Prem says yes divorce. Prem says sorry I am a little late. I didn’t know when you left our house you forgot all relations too. Six years I kept you in my heart. You forgot me but I have to end this now. Simar says how can you say this.. I waited six years for you.. Prem says do you even know what wait it? When I took care of Anjali, when I talked to your pictures.. that was wait. But how will you understand you are happy in your new life. With your son and new family. Piyush comes in and sees Prem. He says papa.
Prem says shame on you. I saw with my own eyes. All the misunderstandings are over. I feel ashamed that I ever loved you. I wasted six years finding you. Piyush is overhearing all this. Prem says you took over someone else’ house. Simar says so much hate? Prem gives her divorce papers and says this is the last moment of our love then you happy in your life and I in mine.
Simar says I never thought this. but a relation in which love and trust is replaced by hate it should be over. Simar takes the pen and signs the papers. Prem takes the papers from her and is leaving.. Simar says you forced me to sign them. Will you be able to forget me? Prem says no. I won’t be. But every time I recall you I will hate you. Simar is crying. Prem leaves. Piyush runs to simar and hugs her. Piyush says my papa is so bad he made my mummy cry. Please don’t cry mama. Your strong son is here. Prem don’t cry.

Precap-After 12 years, Simar is doing pooja. She says good morning to Rohan. Rohan says where is Piyush? They hear some noise.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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