Sasural Simar Ka 8th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 8th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar is lying in an unknown place with her eyes closed. she recalls how mohini beaten her down. An old man comes and says you are conscious? Thank God you are alive. Drink this medicine, i made this from herbs. Simar says how i came here? he says i saw you near the cliff. Simar recollects everything. She touches the scar on her face. He says when I met you, you were in worst condition. I wanted to save your life. Simar says you have given me a new life, thank you for this favor. I want to go back to my house, my husband’s life in endangered. There is a witch she wants to kill him. he says what are you saying? Simar says I have to go to prem. He say but it was 4 months ago? Simar is dazed, She says i have been here for four months? What has she done to my family.
she says

where we are? He says its a jungle outside Dehli. Simar says please show me the way out, i wanna go. He gives her a saari and says consider this a gift from me. Simar thank him.

Scene 2
In bharadwaj house, a pooja is on going. Everyone gathers in the lounge. A car stops outside the house, Simar comes out of it. She says after so many days, i think mohini couldn’t harm them. Everyone looks at her in bewilderment. Simar wonders why are they looking at her like that? Simar enters the house. She recalls how she entered the same house with prem when they got married. Simar sees the black cat, she recalls all that Mohini did. Simar sees everyone busy with pooja. Suddenly she sees a garland on Mata ji’s picture, simar is taken aback. She screams mata ji.. Everyone is dazed to hear her voice. Simar runs to the picture in tears. They all stand up and look at simar. Simar says mata ji you cant leave us. When she turns, everyone is shocked. Simar says how did this happen? Mata ji left us? Sujata takes her hand back.Sujata says who are you? Your face looks like my simar, but you are not simar. Simar says what are you saying? Look at me, I am your simar. Sujata says no, Simar died with mata ji in a car accident.

Simar looks at her photo with garland. Pari says she is not our simar. She is pretender, she has some special mission. You cant be simar, we did her funeral. Whoever you are, it would be better for you to leave this house. Simar says please I am your simar. No one trusts her. Uma says you are not simar, stop this drama now.Simar says there must be a misunderstanding, Mohini comes downstairs with Sunanda and says yes there is a misunderstanding, but you have it. Simar says what are you doing here? this is my house. This is all your game. They dont recognize me because of you. i am here to end all your games. Simar is about to slap her but Amar holds her hand.

Simar says amar? She is a witch. 4 months ago i caught her that is why she attacked me.I know she has manipulated you all. Amar says who are you to say that about my wife? You look like simar that is why i am saying humbly go from here. Simar says why are you not recognizing me. Rajhinder says whoever you are, leave our house or we will have to call police. leave.
Simar says i am leaving, she leaves the house. Sujata says why people do this, why they come up with simar’s face in front of us. Mohini holds her hand and says don’t be sad maa ji. I don’t know what was her mission, we will always be sad that we lost mata ji and simar. Sujata says you are right.

Precap-Mohini says to simar, if you even enter bharadwaj house, i will attack you so bad that your soul wont even come back. SImar syas no one can stop me from returning to my home.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What is going on??? Pls stop this non sense and make the family one. Really a tragedy situation.

  2. What happened to prem,sidharth,roli and mataji

    1. I think mohini killed them

  3. mataji died in car accident? where is rosid and prem??? what happen to mataji… is mohini did anything to them mataji and rosid….. getting confusing…. what is happening anyone tel me please…

  4. Simar super acting

  5. i am guessing that i think mataji rosid prem comes to about mohini. so she kidnaps them.. or else may be roli in jail or somewhere.. to save family outside sid with roli… what hapen to prem? prem and rosid are not in home??/

  6. today missed to see mataji.. prem and rosid….. simar acting superb…

  7. upcoming episodes.. simar comes home in disguise as gungat pahan kar aati hai.. mohini ko pareshan.. pura bw family mohini ke peecha pada hai… jahnavi- pari mohini ke jassoosi kar rahi hai.. amar bhi uska saath hai.. kya hoga dayan mohini ka katma??

  8. montage is good. with simar matarani and mohini…… but without roli its not good…. want a montage of simar and roli not dayan’s… please complete this track as soon as posible…
    where is prem and rosid? and what hapen to mataji?

  9. hate cvs full pariality no roli in new montage… nagin track full about roli but no roli in that montage and now in dayan track also there is no roli in montage… hate cvs.. why this partiality….???? why?? hate cvs to the core…

  10. is mataji character ends in ssk?? no rosid and prem???

  11. i think mohini do or said something.. thats why they are not recognising simar.. and they all are seeing in nervousness i think mohini threatens the family.. thats why they are not telling anything to simar/…..

  12. Wats happening yaar…..i think prem went to coma qnd mataji would be kidnaped but no guess ant rosid…..,wat happned to rosid???

  13. wat the heck is going on koi mujhe kuch bathayga

  14. Today I missed rosid no guess wat happned to them…i think mataji may be alive….and prem ho Mohini ki varsh mae hoga…..i. Think she hipnotised full family

  15. Kya bakwas hai yaar¿
    Cant understand anything
    Mataji chrcter ends in ssk?
    How amar became so rude?

  16. No rosid today.without roli its going to be going to quit watching ssk

  17. I don’t think mohini killed them because simars mother-in-law said nothing about her son , prem nor roli or sid. And it didn’t show their photo either. They are the main characters though.

  18. Mohini may threatened or hypnotized the whole family…. and she has changed even amar to her side… rosid, prem and mataji maybe alive somwer… i even doubt dat rosid and prem maybe alive and mohini may have killed mataji as she assumed simar is dead because she pushed her
    off from a cliff…

  19. And after killing simar and mataji, mohini hav told the family dat they hav died in a car accident together….

  20. jahnavi and pari doing jasoos about mohini….. then what about rosim?? where is roli sid prem??

  21. in ssk interview with simar she tells she came home as madde.. gungat pahan kar aathi hai… she told that bw parivaar ki sabse nadi takath uska ekta and uska hai usne thod diya hai… vah mohini ne smart khel khela to divide them.. and sabse bada uska parivaar me kuch sadasy missing hai uska patalaghana hai simar ko..phir sab milkar mohini ka khel katam karegi.. .means rosid prem and mataji missing in bw family.. simar’s mission is to findout them first.. amar janvi-pari helping her. .. simar ka hanuman amar uska vapas mil gaya hai…
    means rosid prem and mataji missing from bw family.. .. guys chill mohini kidnaps and hides them from family.. simar finds them soon,,

  22. simar in new avatar: viewers will soon witness mataji roli, sidanth,prem and simar will be soon missing from the action for a while post the leap.
    a source shared”mohini and amar will be seen married and will be staying in the bw house with the other family members. and neighbours and others associates of bw clan will be informed about simar’s untimely demise. but here the twist is simar will be soon with a bang”
    unfortunately none will accept her to be the one. acting on mohini’s order and will through her out of the house.
    simar will enter the house to teach mohini a lesson, but in disguise. and those who are wondering what new avatar is she done.. well for them answer is maid

  23. amar and simar get together end mohini’s evil in ssk: simar comes home and the family fails to identify her, knowing about her death. they believes its mohini in simar’s form and limit her from entering to the house. simar asks them to identify their bahu and tries to proving herself. simar goes and amar comes to help her. amar and simar join hands and he tells her that he will expose mohini’s truth.
    mohini has landed in bw house and proved that she will never die. mohini says she will get simar at any cost and does the black magic there. she sees simar’s pic with garland and says simar did not die. , she will get simar out using her powers. simar hides her face and comes in bw house, she tries failing mohini plan by taking amar’s help. mohini gets to know simar is around her and wants to control her. simar and amar plans to face mohini. mohini plans to capture simar in kalash. she have 5 kalash with names. and says the kalash pot witch she breaks., thnat person with his name on it will be dying. mohini determine’s to ruin simar family. how will simar able to save her family?

  24. in sbs segmnt show simar com,es home as maid.. dayan comes to know that she hide in home and she warns her to come out.. otherwise she breaks 1 kalash from 5 kalash witch breaks the prson will die.. simar wants to sve her family.. i think prem rosid mataji with her or they in kalash she misplaced them.. and threatens family… as soon as prem rosid mataji missing in house… about the 5 kalash names dont know exact. but mohini said which name of kalash she breaks the person has to be die…

  25. viewers will soon witness that prem, roli, sid, mataji, simar missing from the action for a while post the leap…. so guys just chill they all will back sooon in the house again… first simar came after that she brings all them out and action will start,.. mohini hides them or she kidnaps them and put somewhere.. guys chill all will back soon in bw house..

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