Sasural Simar Ka 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 8th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piyush and aarav meet each other. Piyush says you are more handsome live than video chat. Aarav says what are you doing in out house. Piyush says nothing. Just paying for my sins. Aarav says you are punishing yourself? Piyush says ma kicked me out of house. Aarav says what? No I know her. Lets talk to her. Piyush says not now. It will be ruining things more. Piyush says leave that lets sit and talk. What else did you do in London beside studies? Aarav says you know me I only focused on studies. Piyush laughs and says thats not possible. He makes tea for Aarav.

Scene 2
Piyush is calling Anajali. He is worried. ANjali comes in. She is hiding her lips with her hands. She takes hands off her lips are bandaged. Saroj giggles. Vikram says I asked you not to do this. You didn’t

listen. Anjali can’t talk. She sits down. ANjali asks raju for water. Vikram says why did you do have to do this. Anjali can’t drink water. She asks raju for straw by actions. Saroj giggles. The care taker understand the signs. Anjali tells her with actions that her smile will be the best tomorrow. Vikram says why did she have to do this. The care taker says I have no right to say this but this surgery has happened now. Why are you getting mad now. Everything will be fine. Vikram says you are right. Saroj is overhearing. Vikram says thanks. She leaves. Saroj says in heart this girl calmed Vikram’s anger. She smirks.

Aarav is talking on call. He says I miss you. I met my family after so long so time passed with all that.
Simar comes in. He hangs up. Aarav says something is wrong between you and Piyush. Trust me he is trying to change things. He is a lot better person. Simar says I am doing all this for Roshni. See these papers. He opens the papers and is shocked. they are divorce papers. Aarav says what is this? Simar says I am not giving you this responsibility not because you are a lawyer. I am doing this because you are family. file these papers. Aarav says did you ask them what they want? Simar says whatever am I doing is for their better. Aarav says if I knew my first case would be of my brother’s divorce I won’t have studied law at all.

Matjai says to Simar this is way to harsh. You can burn their relationship. Simar says this is not easy for me either. This test is important for Piyush to pass. He has to realize Roshni is not just his friend. She is his wife. If Piyush fails this relationship they better separate.

Scene 3
Caretaker wakes Anjali up. Anjali says in heart I will remove this bandage and see my perfect lips. She takes off the bandage and screams. Anjali is crying and screaming. Vikram comes upstairs. He says what happened. ANjali turns towards him. Vikram says I asked you not do this. Anjali is crying she says my lips.. Anjali says be mad at me. I deserve this. He says I am not being mad. But you didn’t listen to me. Anjali says I will kill that doctor. He ruined my face, my career everything. I can’t lose this competition. I dont’ know what to do. Vikrma says I can’t understand what to do. Caretaker says we can apply ice on her lips that might make it better. Anjali says are you mad? This isn’t plastic surgery not an insect bite. Vikram says why are you mad at her. Anjali says everything is over. she sits and cries.

Aarav says to SImar I am going to meet piyush for what you asked me to. Is it necessary? Simar says yes it is. If you can’t do this I can appoint another lawyer. Aarav says no no I will talk to Piyush.
Arav comes to piyush. He says simar mom wanted me to talk to you about something. Piyush says what? Aarav says simar mom wants you to divorce Roshni. Piysuh is in tears. He says what? Aarva says why simar mom wants that. Piyush says how can she even imagine that. I can’t let her do this. He recalls simar saying he never cared for you. He didn’t even care if you were alive or dead. Piyush says ma isn’t wrong either. Whatever I did with Roshni I deserve this after that. I did so much wrong. He recalls every time he misbehaved with Roshni.
Piyush says I dont’ deserve her. Aarav says just tell me do you wanna divorce her? Piyush says no. But I can’t forget past. Whatever I have done with Roshni its in her hands to forgive me or not. It doesn’t matter what I want. What roshni wants matters.

Aarav comes to Roshni. He sees a picture and says this is so cute. This is you and Piyush? Roshni says yes. Roshni says I wanted to talk about something. Aarav says actually simar mom wants.. Roshni says she wants us to divorce? He says you knew? I wanted to ask what you want? Do you want to divorce Piyush. Roshni says Simar mom is not just my mother in law, she is more than a mother. She brought me up. I can’t say no to what she said. I didn’t listen to her once and that was the worst mistake of my life.
If she wants us to part, then okay. I will do what Simar mom says. Aarav says please don’t cry and relax. Everything will be fine.

Precap-Tina asks waiter to give a chit to judges. Anjali comes on stage with her face covered with a handkerchief. Judge says wait show your face, since this is smile round. Take off your veil. Anjali takes of her veil. Her lips are totally out of shape.
Everyone laughs at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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