Sasural Simar Ka 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 8th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says i and amar are about to go in, so we can know why this car came to our neighborhood. roli says what are you doing there? please don’t go in. simar hangs up. simar switches off her phone and asks amar to do so as well. roli says please save amar and simar. how did they reach there?

Pari and khushi are selling their old goods. pari fights for the rates. They go to their rooms to bring the stuff. The man says in heart simar is no where. Calendar comes in. Its girjesh he has got a beard. Mata ji asks calendar where are they? Calendar says they have stayed there. They are investigating. Girjesh says in heart i should tell lal bahadur that they made us fool and they are still around the house. girjesh is leaving, pari says where are you going? He says i don’t

wanna buy form you. mata ji says why are you fighting with him? Let him go if he doesn’t wanna buy. pari says one minute? whats in the bag you are carrying? His beard slips a little. Calendar takes off his beard. They are all shocked. Girjesh shoves calendar and is about to run, Prem comes and punches him.

simar says amar i told roli that i am outside this house, if she come here that means she knows this place. Roli overhears them and says this means she fooled me but i can’t let her stay here.
Calendar tells them everything about girjesh. prem says tell us what you know. Rajhinder says call cops. Girjesh tries to run again. prem slaps him and takes his phone. he sees history, it has only one number sir je.
lal bahadur says he has went there lets see what he comes with. simar came here today. Anyone can come now. Prem calls lal bahadur and says we have you man, you have to answer us and come here. If you don’t want his to be arrested. lal bahadur says i am coming, give me your address. lal bahadur says what you did girjesh you made the same mistake again. i have to get him out of here. Police shouldn’t get involved in this. Prem says tell me what you know. calendar says let me call my boss. prem says where are simar and amar? Calendar says they are near the house, in forest.

Amar says roli must have come by now. simar says she was so worried when i told her about this place. amar says did you tell her about jungle? maybe she was worried about the danger in jungle. simar says i am sure she would come here. roli says didi i am sorry i can’t tell you anything. please go from here and only i know whats the danger inside this house and i don’t want you to face it. amar says simar we should look for clues. so we can prove prem that investigations are not in vain. We have to do something. roli says this means they will go from here? simar says where will we go to find the proofs. simar says my heart says there is something inside this house. lets go in and rummage. rolu says i have to stop them anyhow.

Bahadur leaves for bharadwaj house. simar and amar try to look for a way to enter the house, roli runs after them. simar says we have to keep looking we have no other option. Amar opens a window. They clamber in from the window. roli is scared. she says didi can’t go in.
Sankalp calls amar and simar, he says their phones are off. prem says i hope they are fine. simar and amar looks everywhere. amar says i am going upstairs, you should look here. Roli plays horn sound on her phone. simar and roli stop. simar says is he back?
They look out but the car is not there. Simar hides behind a door, roli i walking in that direction.

Precap-calendar says either he is amking you fool and you are making us fool, lal bahadur says i don’t like it when someone intrudes when i am speaking. mata ji says why i feel like i have seen him before.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. frnds i heard in one video its today uploaded in dat said siddanth turns into naag…. is it correct nw sid is naag? if he is naag what he dng in rajveer house as he is gulam of him? is sid is naag or just human named aryan… but ystdy seg sid told uska charcter ka koyi wife nahi hai.. he is one .. listens only uska malik what he tld…? which is crct seg or articl? is sid naag or not?

  2. In one video sid is trying to kill roli.why????

    1. dats when rai bahadur told aryan to kill roli… so sid try to kill her…. she is telng him dat she is his roli.. but aryan kuch nahi soontha and try to kill roli..

      1. Is it true?

      2. s u can see ysdy segmnt videos… 7/4/15. u me 24 and aaj tak..

  3. Omg Sid is trying yo kill roli???????

  4. The back ground music for rajveer n.Maya sounds similar..:)
    Well no clue wats the new story is all about?

  5. kya bakwas hai how can sid try to kill his roli

  6. bg music same.. and what is der behind white door? tab laal darwaja and nw white darwaja? what is der in dat room?

  7. mataji also got doubt dat she saw dat guy some where//// but who is he she recognized trmw episode or not?

  8. For sure the one behind white door is that maya devil wit that ugly full sleeves… Why d hell she’s back.. Crap

  9. Boring boring soooo boring. What happened to Sid dead body and who the hell is this new guy why stretch the matter so much get over it and start a new story rather then killing each person every time and then bringing them back……..

  10. manish raisinghania returns as negative aryan
    in ssk simar and roli are unware of da dangerous dat will come in der way.. roli is aware dat sid alive and safe but she hasnt met him yet. roli has been told by rai bahadur that she will keep dat secret or danger will fall on all her family members. otherside simar tryng abt wat roli is hiding.. upcmg episode will show dat roli will meet rajveer and tell him dat simar look for clues in his housebut she has hidden dem all.. but rajveer call his assistant aryan and ask him to kill her.. roli will be shocked to see dat aryan is look alike of her siddanth but he has no feelings and only kills when told by his master. this will be manish return to da show in negative..
    however it has to be seen if aryan is siddanth in reality..
    guys plz read dis news and tel me how did u like? and wat u thnkg dat abt sid return only as aryan or also naag to?? ? wat u thnkg reply me…. is nagin maya cmng back again??

  11. Bhavya mishra

    Can anyone guess what will the result of this boring episode or what will happen at last will roli able to get her love means sid or she will have to live alone in her whole life.

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