Sasural Simar Ka 7th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 7th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anjali is dancing in the festival. Simar is there too. Simar sees Anjali and screams Anjali.. Anjali.. Anajli doesn’t hear. Simar tries to go towards her but there are so many people.
Rohan and Piyush are looking as well. Rohan says there are too many people.
The girls from Savant’s apartment see Anjali’s photo with missing pamphlet. They call Savant. Priya says dada we are out here. There are anjali’s posters everywhere. Savant says where is Anjali? She says she went with Madhu to see ganpati. Savant says I asked you to keep her with you. Go find her before she sees the posters. They go to look for Anjali and Madhu.

Piyush says I am calling maa. Rohan says she can’t hear in this noise. Priya says to Anjali lets go for auditions

we are late. Anjali says lets enjoy. It is so much fun. Madhu says yes please. Priya says if we stay here savant will kill us.
Simar is looking for Anjali.
Anjali says why would you say that? Priya says savant is a little strict. Anjali says Madhu I guess she is right. We should get fresh and go for audition.
Madhu sees Anjali’s poster and says that is why they want to take Anjali from here. I should call on this number and inform her family. Priya says Madhu lets go.

Savant calls Khushi and tells her about Anjali’s posters. Khushi says so simar is there. you have to be careful. Savant says don’t worry. I have talked to that bar owner. Anjali will be so addicted that she will never get out of there. Khushi says be careful.

Simar keeps looking for Anjali. A poster falls on Simar’s head. Her head is hurt. Anjali says I think someone is hurt. Priya says are you a doctor? There are people here they will take her to hospital. Lets go. Simar faints. Rohan and Piyush come there. They say maa. Piyush says lets take her to hospital.

Anjali says why are we going from back door? Priya says because there are so many people on main door. Savant has talked to the director. savant comes there. Anjali says isn’t it a weird place for audition? Savat says its real place. our director has seen your photos. He is impressed. He wants to see your performance. Dance like you know it. They take her in. Madhu says Anjali in heart you don’t know where you are getting stuck. You are lucky that your family is looking for you. We have no one for us. I hope whoever is looking for you finds you.

Scene 2
prem calls inspector. He says I am doing as much as I can. Prem says they are so useless. Amar says we should give in newspaper. Prem says in TV too. Amar says let me contact my media friends.
Khushi hears this and says i have to tell savant everything.

Doctor is checking Simar. Piyush says sorry we had to call you urgently. Doctor checks her and says the bruise is not deep but its at the back of her head. she will gain consciousness soon. Rohan sees off the doctor and goes to bring meds. Piyush sits with Simar. He holds her hand. Simar gets up and says Anajli.. She says how I came here? Where is anjali? Piyush says we will find her. Simr says take me to anajli. she was alone there. Piyush says we don’t know where she is. You have to rest. After that we will go to find her. Simar says my heart is hurting. My daughter is in a trouble and she doesn’t know either.

Anjali is getting ready. She says I am very nervous. Priya says dance like a star. Priya says madhu show her your dance photos. Madhu says yes I will. She sees her selfie with Anjali and the poster is also in it. Madhu says my battery is low. You show her I will charge till then. She goes out. Pirya says let me fix your hair. You have to look perfect because everyone is looking at you tonight.
Madhu says the number is not very clear. How do I call. I should try. She tries to read the number and dials it.
Madhu says hello.. did you put anjali’s advert? The woman says no. She tries again with other number. Madhu says I don’t have much credit. Simar asks Piyush you got any call? He says no. Simar says please take me piyush. His phone rings. Simar says whose phone is it? He says its an unknown number. Simar says pick it up. She takes the phone. Madhu says are you looking for anjali bharadwaj? Can you hear me? Simar says yes I am her mother. Tell me where she is. Madhu says come to city night bar as soon as possible. Simar says bar? Madhu says yes. Please come. What is going to happen, Anjali doesn’t know about it. simar says where is it? Madhu says VIP road in front of station. Come here. The call drops. Madhu says i think the credit is over.
Simar says the call dropped. piyush says where do we have to go? simar says there is a bar, Anjali is there. Rohan and Piyush are dazed.

Precap-Anjali comes to bar. She says this place is so weird. Priya says its the set. Anjali is dancing on stage on ‘man saat samandur’. Anjali hides. Savant says why are you dancing? Anjali says that woman is my mom.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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