Sasural Simar Ka 7th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 7th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anjali is mopping the temple. She says I never imagined I would do this. My nails.. my manucire. Prem comes there. Prem says I am so proud of you. Anjali says thanks. Prem says my daughter is an adult. Ask for what you want. Anjali says would you give me that? Prem says yes. Anjali says can I go out? I am so bored. Prem says thank you so much. Prem says ask simar once. Anjali says she would say no. Simar says why? You can go if you want. Anjali says really? Simar says there is just one condition you will have to take pyray with you for your security. If you are okay with it then you can go out. anjali says fine. Simar says good.

Roshni is crying. Rohan asks what happened? Roshni says I called Piyush and asks his for garba he was so rude he said he can’t come. Rohan

says you know he is tensed. She says he could say no gently. Rohan says lets go for shopping. Rita says yes buy a new dress for garba. Rohan says I wont play garaba with you if you don’t buy a new dress. Roshni says lets go. Rita says I have to kick this piyush out of her mind.

Khushi says on call the passes are with me. Don’t do any mistake. Simar is looking in her room. Khushi says this is a special night. My dress should be special too. Pari bhabhi let me go ask her for a dress. She goes out Simar hides.
Simar sees the passes in Khushi’s room she says who sent them?
Pari says to Khushi call my friend, she is a designer. she will get you a dress. Khushi says let me bring my phone. Simar is checking Khuhsi’s phone. Khushi comes in room. Khushi says what are you doing in my room? How dare you come in my room. Simar says I just came to apologize for last night. Khushi says okay hold your ear and say sorry and get lost. And don’t dare coming in my room. Simr says I am sorry. Khushi says out. Simar leaves.
Simar says I couldn’t note down the number I have to try again.

Anjali says to Khushi how should I do my hair for gala? Simar says fish tail braid. Khushi says who asked you? Simr says if mother and daughter do the same hair style we would look good. anjali says what do you mean? Simar says we are all going to garba as well. Simar leaves. Anjali says how will we execute our plan. I am sure she knows about our plan. Khushi says relax. She doesn’t know. Let her come. Our plan if fool proof. I will tell you how will we get you abducted.

Simar prepares for next day. Simar says I will take Anjali with me. I have to convince prem to come to garba night with me. I should take out his clothes. Simar spills water. She says let me clean it first. she slips. Prem holds her hand. Prem says what is all this for? Simar says we are all going to garba night. Prem says who we? I am not going and with you no way. Simar says I know you don’t want to go with me but I am going there for Anjali. If we dont go she would know we are not together. Prem says fine. Simar says find some clothes you can’t come to garba in a suit. I can help you. he leaves. Simar says when you leave in anger its yes and only I understand that silence.

Anjali says to KB that guy in my college Raj goapaln I am taking him as my partner. He won’t interfere in my plan. He is like a dog. He would do everything I ask. KB laughs and says you found your partner. Don’t forget the plan. We have to kick out that simar and for that you have to do something. Anjali says what? KB tells her.

Precap-Pari says what are you hiding from me? Khushi says a letter. Pari reads it. Its says I am leaving this house forever, Anjali. Pari says anjali is leaving? Khushi says because of Anjali they became one again. Now they will be separated because of same Anjali.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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