Sasural Simar Ka 7th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 7th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Indra says I am going to her myself. Everyone is worried.
Simar is dazed, she looks at her painting her with Indra in the dancing attire. She hears a man says who is there? The man comes in looking. He says what was that voice?
Pari says maa please stop her if she gets to know simar isn’t in her room. She will stop the pooja. Sujata says sindra listen, simar can’t decide it. Because on one side its her sister and then her husband. You will get her in trouble by asking this. We will decide it. She is not well.

The two men are looking everywhere in the mansion. He says someone is here. Lets go. Simar says indra’s picture with me? She was a witch. simar reads the name, Indra Gajendarsingh and Patnawati Gajendarsingh.
Rajhinder says she is

right please don’t bring simar in this. Indra says okay, she comes downstairs. Indra says now tell me who should I bring back. Rajhinder says on one side its prem and other side its roli. Pari says maa don’t worry and just decide. Sujata says Indra don’t bring prem bring roli first. Everyone is dazed. indra says you want daughter in law over your son. think again. Sujata says she is my daughter. At least prem is in front of our eyes but roli. She has suffered enough. indra says okay go towards the temple. She starts her pooja again.

Simar recalls when indra said quite choti. simar says that is why she called me choti. The woman who was my look alike was her sister.
Simar reads piece of paper, this spot was for two sister indra and patnawati. They were both known for their dance. Both sisters used to sing and dance on the same spot. The whole village was devastated in one night.
Indra says whats happening to me why i feel like someone is trying to look in my past.
The two boys see simar and say so its you who is scaring us. Simar turns and they get scared. They run away. Simar says listen to me please.
Prem stands up after a while. Everyone is dazed and happy. Sujata hugs him.Sujata says thank you so much. Indra says in heart I did what i wanted to. It was not that difficult for me to bring both back but i need prem for my mission. But why i feel agitated even after pooja has ended. There is something wrong.

Simar enters the house. Khushi says you are back. Indra comes in and says welcome back simar. Simar is dazed. indra says you have betrayed me. You both played. Simar says its not Khushi’s mistake. Khushi go from here i wanna talk to indra alone and shut the door. Khushi goes out and closes the door. indra says i don’t want to talk to you. I want to help you and you. Simar starts shaking the anklet. Indra says these anklets? Simar says you recognized them? Your sister was patnawati. indra says you found my past, I stopped you but you didn’t listen. simar says truth is more important. Why didn’t you tell me i look like your sister. What are you concealing. Indra says i wont ever tell you. simar says why are you concealing? why dont you even wanna discuss your sister. Tell me. why. Indra says dont push me choti.

Precap-Prem throttles amar and says how dare you to touch me. Simar says amar he is your friend leave him. Prem throttles her. He says i will kill you today.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. atiba please update fast . u update other serials so fast but why not this

  2. we want roli back pls bring her.

  3. In colors from two three days they are airing serial 15-20 minutes late
    Ssk is also aired from 7:45-8:15

  4. my guess was right .like always roli is left behind

  5. indra u r so cute simar didi indra. But precap is sad poor simar only simar suffer lot of prblm prem wt r u doing u try to kil u r simar wat secret between simar and indra prem behaving is strange whr r u sid and mataji plz bring roli back u only save ur didi plz come back soon

  6. i to have same doubt all the serials or airing min 15 to 20mins late.. why,,,, ? i this this week like this happend after that they changes timings from next week i think so.. just i am guessing…

  7. Wat precap is that. ….I totally hate it

  8. when dayan asked whom they want to bring back either sid or roli??? she will do what they say.. when sujatha asked dayan to bring roli back as she didnot did anything but she is suffering.. dayan accepted but she did prem back… roli didnt came and she done blackmagic on prem thats why he is hating simar… but dont know when simar will come now roli simar will tackle this.. now simar in trouble so defintely they bring her back soon as its not good to see with out roli.. and simar with roli only can do anything… as per expectation i think its navaratri is going to started now.. so they will bring roli back during these dussera. and if iam correct when she will back simar gets her strength and fight with indravati.. plz bring roli soon…

  9. when Will roli come without roli the story cannot complete&ha where is mathaji & sid

  10. Too mucch of Mataji
    YUou are encouraging superdtition

  11. where is roli

  12. Welcome prem

  13. Hai roli,

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