Sasural Simar Ka 7th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 7th October 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 7th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Mata ji says to Meghna that you are such a businesswoman you should know that its the respect that is worthy. She says oh god, 50 lac?

Shaureya is with Janvi. She says what do you think you will come here and i will accept your proposal? Why are you here? After breaking my roka you have hurt my family’s feelings, you have degraded them i don’t even wanna see your face. Shaureya says i did what i said, you are mine. You can’t get married to anyone else? You family’s consent is more important to you than love right ? That’s why meghna is here she will get our proposal. She will make it official.

Simar says to Meghna before pointing at janvi you should look at your brother ? Your brother spoiled her life he has been misbehaving with her since so

long. Meghna says okay 75 lac ? Prem jumps in and says if you think you can buy everything from one then buy some manners for your brother. She gets angry and says don’t says a single word about my brother i wont tolerate this. Sid jumps in and we won’t even tolerate a wrong thought about our sister. She won’t even be with people like you rather than getting married to your brother.
Meghna says oh this isn’t it weird kind of love ? You people were waiting for the love to proceed and you can secure your future with money? Mata ji shouts so loud, Meghna get out of my house right now i don’t want a single word from you.

Shaureya says to janvi won’t you still confess that you love me ? She says yes shaureya i like you, he says just like ? No worries this will convert in love soon they both smile. They over hears mata ji shouting . Shaureya runs.

Meghna says that you people don’t know our worth. Simar says and you don’t know how precious this place is. We don’t have place for selfish and cunning people like you. We will never be relative of people like you. janvi comes down and asks whats happening? Shaureya comes from out side. Meghna says lets go from here shaureya right now. They leave.
Mata ji says to janvi don’t worry we trust our daughter and we are all with you.

Scene 2
Shaureya in the car asks what wrong di why were you so angry what did they say?
Roli comes home and sees shaureya outside her house and all the cars. She wonders why is he here?
Achna says that she came and said like this family has no respect and what the rate of the daughter of this house ? 75 lac only. such a low market. Pari nudges her. Mausi ji says people that are always talking about money are flop they have no respect.
Roli asks Simar was Shaureya here? I went to his house to ask him to stay away from janvi and not tease her anymore. Mata ji asks her how does she know about him ? Did she knew all this ? Simar intrudes and says i will tell you everything. Mata ji shouts you too simar ? and says you both knew everything but didn’t inform anyone. We never expected this from you. This was happening behind our back in this house and nobody got to knew. Sujata is angry at them too. She says this was happening with our daughter a boy like him was teasing her and you both kept silent. simar says we concealed because you people were so happy about the roka. We planned once it is done we will tell you everything. Mata ji have you seen the consequences now? She further says can we know everything now? Simar tells them all the incidents. Sujata says this is too much this time all this was happening with our daughter and you both didn’t bother to inform anyone. He came to our house and you both kept us oblivious. Sid says what roli you should have at least shared with me? Your silence made him daring enough to come to this house. Dad says this is not such a small issue she is our daughter what if something had happened to her. Sujata says we can’t change what has happened but we have to be careful. She says to janvi that we are all with you. prem says yes we promise shaureya will never tease you again.

Scene 3
Meghna says to shaureay that i wanna talk to you. He says i know what you wanna say but i have made my decision. You did what you liked now its my turn. She says stubbornness is not good all the time. He says bad or good i will do what i have decided too. He leaves. She says 2 days relationship is now more important than blood. I will never let them be one.

Precap-Shaureya is shouting on phone, you can’t ignore me like this janvi at least talk to me once. He is throwing things away, attul stops him. He says i will not let her get out of my life this easily.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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