Sasural Simar Ka 7th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 7th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mata ji says we will check each door here. Mata ji pari and khushi start opening the door.

Sid tries to open a window. There is a wall made there as well. Sid sees a window open, Indra is inside.Sid tries to hide but falls down.
Pari, mata ji and Khushi look out the door there is a mountain there. Pari says there was our garden here, where did this mountain came from. Mata ji says this is all illusion. Khushi says how will we go out. Mata ji says dont give up. we will open each and every door. They open another door and scream.

Badi amma comes to Indra and tells her everything. Indra says wow this is amazing. Here I did as you asked, I am trying to erase Prem’s memory. Sid is overhearing all this. Indra says prem fainted so I had to stop the process, this time I will

remove everything. Badi amma says don’t be hasty. If you force Prem too much he might lose his life. Indra says how can I kill him. Prem wakes up as wel. Sid says I have to save prem. Indra looks out the window. Amar and sid hide. Indra says I felt like someone was there. Badi amma says no one can come in.

Amar gives sid a costume and says we can go in if we wear this. Sid says we have to save prem. Amar says we don’t have another option. Sid says you wont go in. I will take this risk. If something happens to me, then you have to save them. Amar says okay. Sid crosses the wall. He enters the palace. He takes off the costume.

Indra asks prem to open his fist. she says the nail in your fist is my powers. I have did so much hard work for this nail. i am taking mu nail back. Amar is looking in. Prem doesn’t open his fist. Indra says I am normal human without this nail. I will do anything to get my love. I don’t care if people call me sly. Everything is fair in love and war. Prem says in heart yeah you are right and I will keep pretending that I am faint so you can’t continue your process. Indra tries to open his fist. Sid hits Indra on head with a rod. She falls down. Prem hugs Sid. Sid says are you okay? Prem says yes.

Mata ji trying hard to find a way out. She is crying she says even i am losing hope now. I opened every door. How will I bring Roli and Simar back. She trips over the carpet. Mata ji sees a small door in front of her. She says there was no door like this in our house. Mata ji

Precap-Prem says once i forget simar then bring her back please. Indrawati loves, she reads a mantra.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Sid and Amar came at correct tym…….atlest today sid used roli’s name…………and those happening in bw hse behind the doors…….thrilling……

    1. Sid used roli name?? Where? I didnt find any where in this update..i read this update aftr reading ur cmnt..plz tell me wat he told…if he really uttered roli name..then i vl c this episode only fr that single wrd…plz tell me yar wat he said

  2. Sid a luving son,luving brother,luving husband….. Roli a luving daughter,luving sister,luving wife….. So,they r ‘made for each other’ luv u rosid.we r missing u.

  3. S yaar Sid used roli’s name Sid will tell Amar tat i will first go in and if something happned to me then u must save my roli and family……

    1. oh tq…n thank god atlast cvs remebered roli…they made sid to utter roli feeling happy

  4. sid used roli name wow amazing but did mot see this episode

  5. Krishnapriya

    I don’t know whn this dayan indravathi will be dead by forever…plz bring this simar ad roli back…bfr something happens to prem …

  6. Nye episode Tank godcvs made sid to utter roli name I’m happy with that

  7. Please as a huge fan of the program I need some help, I used to follow it some time ago when Khushi was a baddie and trying to kill the Bhardwarj family,now all of a sudden she is a devoted daughter in law,please will one of the numerous fans of the program email me and tell me how this works? I would really appreciate it if you could! ❤️

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