Sasural Simar Ka 7th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 7th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
prem said you deceived me. Let em tell this to whole family. surbhi said i lied because i wanted to stay with you. i considered you mine even before engagement. please try to undersatnd. Prem said, i can tell whole family right now. i have been unjust to you and i want to make everytyhing better now. you have seven days to end this story and leave my life. he left. Surbhi says i didn’t know what to do after that. I was feared that i will have to leave prem after seven days. i dont know what happened to him later. i was so scared when i heard about his abduction. i dont know where he is. pari syas i was with you in everything and you deceived the family like this. You concealed this fake preganancy from me as well. i was so stupid that my sister is pregnant i have to

support her. i stole those evidences for you. shalu says what is this drama? you didn’t see anything but you sister before and now whe she is exposed you want to save your place. pari says its not like that. shalu says dont lie to me i know youb so well. roli says she is right she didn’t know about surbhi i saw her taking care of surbhi. She did all this because i asked her. pari helped me in exposing the reality of surbhi. pari says i cant see you in trouble shalu. i know i was always by my sister. i was with her in right wrong but i always considered the family as well. When i got to know that surbhi is concealing i was ready to help surbhi. please forgive me if you can. mausi ji says we are all proud of you. Sujata says this is what is expected from you pari. mata ji syas to surbhi i gave you the keys of my family because i thought you will always be with us. you lied to us and broke our truth. Surbhi says pardon me please. mata ji says i didn’t evehn pardon simar even when it ws not her mistake. This house was never of surbhi neither will it ever be. she throws her out of the house and says dont ever come to this house again. Surbhi says mata ji please dont do this. mata ji syas you are responsible for all the troubles. you have to leave. pari is in tears.

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simar syas if pari and surb hi didn’t abduct prem where is he then? mata ji says we will find him as well. matya ji says there is morning after every dark night. We will find him soon. She husg simar. vikrant says i am really happy. i promised simar to get her back to her family. i am free of the guilt now. i can leave this city now. Sanju comes downstairs. Vikrant says lets go daughter. simar syas please let sanju stay here with me ikrant. ikrant nods and says don’t annoy your mom. he kisses her forehead and leaves. mata ji says just like you got simar back to us please return prem to us as well.

Scene 2
simar wakes up at night in terror of losing prem. she says why i feel like prem is in a lot of prem. She recalls what the shopkeeper told them.he said he has never seen such cruel face of a woman.roli comes to her and says you dont have to wrroy from tomorrow everything will be fine. i am sure we will find him by tomorrow. she holds simar’s hand.

Scene 3
vikrant wakes up next morning and finds simar with tea in his room but when he tries to touch her she vanishes. Doorbell rings when he opens it its siamr. simar says why are you so shocked? She says i came to take sanuju’s clothes and toys.

inspector comes and syas they have not demanded anything. ranjhinder says theyu might have taken him out of city. He says but they must have used local cars. Roli says she might have got them from other city. he says we need to know the reson behind this kidnapping. He gets a call and says our team has found a deadbody. everyone is dazed.

Precap-simar asks driver to stop the car by temple. she says i need to go to this temple. Prem is there as well.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. who is next villan ? cant uderstand any thing

  2. how pari will became good and against her sister the good people became bad
    and bad one became good what is going on i cant understand why prem and
    simar were seperate two years back simar loves so much prem means why she went with vikranth as a deal before two years why does not she fought with vikranth for rolli’s sake with the help of prem if she fought like that means that time it self the truth was found about baa and karthik by the police there is no necessity to vikranth fall in love with her

  3. Why is this dragging soo much???? We need simar n prem not this bull shit!! N please don’t make vikrant the next villian … just let them stay happy for few more weeks at least

  4. i thnk baa is that cruel lady..

  5. What the heck……..
    What. Who. Why. When. Where

  6. I don’t understand why this dragging it on, they’re changing everything, I’m not sure how long it will take for Simar to go back to Prem without any obstacles..

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