Sasural Simar Ka 7th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 7th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prem says i don’t wanna hear anything. Simar says what if you maa says the same thing? Prem says maa?
Mata ji says okay chanda is not here but that woman in ghunghat she is here. Kauna bring her. She brings the woman. Mata ji asks her do you know where is chanda? Sid says tell me or I will kill you here. Chanda comes and says I am here. Mata ji says wait a minute stand there. Chanda says what is all this? you are trusting a servant? She told you a story and you trusted her. prerna says what story? and how do you know I told them something? you were not here since morning. Sid says answer that.
Simar shows prem picture of sujata. She makes a video call. Sujata says prem.. Prem says ma.. He asks how are you? Sujata says I am fine. what is all this? Sujata says if you

trust me trust simar. She is bringing you to me. once you come I will tell you everything. Come soon I am waiting for you. Simar says now you know that i am taking you to right place. will you come with me now? Sit in the car. Prem sits in the car. They start driving to bharadwaj house.
Prerna says she doesn’t have answer. Chanda says mata ji I had a deal with you why would I want to harm you? Why would have I said yes to marry perm? Prerna says because thats the only way you could enter the house and do what you want. Chanda says I don’t know what she is saying. Prerna says the deal you made with me to kill mata ji. She wants mata ji’s place and position. That is why she sent income text people here.
Prerna says you think i don’t have answers to your questions? I will answer them all together. She says mata ji you don’t trust me right? okay. I withdraw from the deal we had. Mata ji is dazed.

Amar steals a bike and goes to look for simar and prem. Simar is driving with prem. Simar recalls their moments together.
Chanda says you blamed me while trusting this servant. I am ashamed.. of myself. You know simar came to help her. She is simar’s friend. Prerna I think you have forgotten someone else lives in this house too. She.. She points finger at the woman. She says this woman told me what prerna did here. Prerna says she saw you. She heard what you said. Prerna says we have never heard her talking or saw her face. Then how she told you. We asked her about you and she was quite. She answered in symbol. I think she is deaf and dumb. If chanda is saying then maybe she might have told chanda. Maybe behind this ghunghat is an old enemy of yours mta ji. Chanda says what are you saying. Mata ji says she is right. Bomb, rain and all that. She has to show her face. Now she has to show her face. I will see her face. Chanda says thats not right. You people don’t trust me? Chanda says let us see her face. Mata ji says chanda I have to see her face. Mata ji is about to take off her ghughat chnda stops her. Chanda says I won’t let you do this. Mata ji says why? should I agree what prerna is saying is right? Chand says I know you don’t trust me. Because you trust her. But mata ji I will not let someone be humiliated to prove myself right. She is from a background where women don’t show their face. If you do that her beliefs would be humiliated. If you think I have done wrong then okay forgive me. She says to the woman I am sorry you have to bear all this. but I won’t let it happen anymore. Chanda says i think I shouldn’t stay here when there is no trust. She is leaving.

Precap-Simar says to prem come your family is waiting for you. prem comes in sujata hugs her. Anjali comes and says my papa. Sujata says this is your daughter and simar is your wife.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wow v fast update today…nice epi nd aww precap

  2. I think ghunghat wali lady aur kohi nahi khusi hai,Nowday she is not seen in the show

  3. Yaa i think Ghutghut wali is Khusi.

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