Sasural Simar Ka 7th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 7th May 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 7th May 2013 Written Update

mataji cries hearing roli is dead and says how many tests will sid give.

Sid says simar u said u were with roli so how can anything happen to her. where is she? and simar tells all.

sid says i dont believe it. nothing has happened to her.. i m going to meet her.

all go inside the hospital. ward boy stops them and says u need permission. simar says my sisiter is inside and i need her to meet my family. and ward boy says ur sister here??

simar says YES!! and doc comes and says who is roli who are u talking about and who are u? SIMAR IS SHOCKED!!!! simar argues…and doc says there is no patient names roli here…maybe u r mistaken. simar gets mad!!! said u examined her..and told me she is no more.

simar says doc is lying. doc says simar is going thru a big trauma!! she is mentally unstable. simar said roli died in my hands and u treated her and U R LYING. no one can stop me from meeting her. she goes inside but the bed is empty.

doc says see … now tell me why would i lie to u. I dont even know u ppl. simar says where is roli to the doc. simar says i will call the police. and prem clams simar down. and simar says DOC IS LYING… simar says doc is playing a game. I m not going to go home without taking roli. I want my roli.

sujata consoles simar. rajendar apologies to the doc.

mataji goes to simar and says clam down and think did anyone die here today? and simar is shocked!! simar says u dont believe me?? I m telling the truth. My roli was here. and she cries. simar tries to show blood stains but she doesnt have any stains on her saree. and all are looking at her!!!!

mataji says lets all go back to hotel as simar must be tired. simar says give me one more chance. I have one more proof. she says that mandire where veeru shot roli. and sid supports her.

they all go to the mandir. she tells pandit to tell everyone everything..but pandit says i dont know who u r talking about and i never performed a marriage here…and SIMAR IS SHOCKED!!!!

precap – NONE

Update Credit to: kasrana

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