Sasural Simar Ka 7th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 7th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mata ji finds a casket. Malti says they are reaching here. I will handle them. You both work here. Roli tries to break the door, it opens itself. They see light and someone standing inside. The person comes close roli and simar are dazed to see its sid. Roli says what are you doing here? Sid recalls locking the door with malti. Sid helped them taking out the casket.
Sid says what are you both doing here? Roli says we.. Sid says yes? Roli says we heard something so we came to check. But you.. He says I came here for same reason. I was walking heard something from this house so I came in to check. Just wanted to see whats inside. Simar says you were inside. The door was locked? Sid says I make my own way. There is a back door. Roli says why didn’t you open. We have been hitting

for long. He says I was scared. I thought someone is trying to break in. Then I heard simar talking so opened it. Roli says you are lying. He says hey I don’t lie, got it? I am not going to give you clarifications. Roli says sid.. He says shut up. He shoves her and goes home. Roli says what is happening in this house. Simar says don’t worry. Roli says there is something he is hiding. what was he doing here? There are so many questions. Simar says the answers are inside.

Roli and simar enter the house. Simar says what happened? Roli says I felt like someone is here staring at me. Simar says no one is here. We don’t have much time. We have to check this house. They start looking everywhere.
Madhvi is jumping up the house. Simar says there is nothing here. We have to look again. They her something. Simar says lets go check. Simar starts looking in the sand. Madhvi is watching them from window. She laughs. Simar says there is nothing. What should we do now? Roli says sid is the only way. Roli says I know what to do. Simar says where is mata ji?

Simar comes home. Malti covers mata ji with quilt. simar says aunty you here? Malti asks her to be quite. Simar says I asked you to stay in room. Malti says i was there.
Malti says she was faint in the room. So I brought her here. Sorry I couldn’t stay in the room but I cant see nimo in this condition. What would have you done? If you were in my shoes. Simar says you should rest in your room. Malti says okay. She leaves.

Roli is in her room. Sid is asleep. Sid wakes up. Roli says what were you doing in devika’s house? I want answers and truth. He shoves her hand and says what you think? I am lying. She says please. There is one thing, you are hiding something. He says so what? Why should I tell you? I am leaving.
Sid comes in lounge. Mata ji comes. Mata ji says simar.. Roli says in heart does she know about last night? Mata ji comes near simar, simar steps back. Mata ji says Simar please I have done so much injustice. I have hurt you I am sorry. Everyone is dazed.

Precap-Roli says to sid you have to tell me truth. I wont open the door. Sid throttles her and says better be wife don’t try to be my boss or you will lose your life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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