Sasural Simar Ka 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 7th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piyush falls with the ladder. Roshni says are you okay? He says yes. She laughs and says you look like cartoon. He says anything that makes you smile. He hugs her and caresses her face.
Mataji says tomorrow we will do the engagement. Everyone is happy. Simar says thats such a good thought. Anjali is looking for those papers. Mataji syas where is anjali? Simar says let me give her parsad.

Anjali trying to open the closet. Simar is looking for her. She comes in samir’s room. simar syas anajli what are you doing here? Anjali says this room was mine. I was looking for my earrings. Simar says this is not right. Find them in front of him.
Mataji says today we will order the jewelry as well. They get stuff ready. Sinmar and mataji make list of what to buy. Anjali

spills tea on samir. She says I am so sorry. She takes out his keys. He gives his coat to sanju. Samir says where are my keys? They were in my coat? anjali says I just found it under the sofa. Samir says oh thanks anjali, She has traced the key on a foam.

Mataji says when will your parents come. Samir says they have left London. They will be here.
Sanju comes to roshni and says you need any help? KB says roshni do your work. Sanju says why are you tolerating all this. Pari says sanju why are you talking to a maid. Sanju says what are you saying. Pari says wash these clothes with hands not in machine. Ananiya says wash this sari as well. I got this as an identity for being baho of bharadwaj house

Roshni is washing the clothes. Simar comes and says stop it. Pari where did so many clothes come from? And they are too many so they will be washed in laundry. She gives roshni a sari and says Mataji gave it to me. Now I am giving it to you.

Anjali comes to samir’s room with key. She takes out that file. She sees his different identities.
Anjali takes that file downstairs. She sees Samir showing his photos to everyone. Simar and mataji laugh at his photos. he says I have done so many theaters. I loved doing it. These were all characters. We get these character identities as well.
Roshni is leaving. Simar says the driver will drop you. Roshni says no ma. Simar says I am saying that. MAtaji says take care roshni. Roshni goes with driver. She sees that the tyre is punctured. Piyush calls her. She says I will be there. I have left. Driver drops her in another car.
Pari overhears. Ananiya says this means Piyush doesn’t know yet. Pari says let us tell him. Ananiya calls Piyush.

Precap-Pari says to Roshni fix those curtains.
Roshni fixes the curtains. Ananiya calls Piyush from her phone. They all speak loud and say that you are maid of this house now. Work fast.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Aizaellahi

    guess it’s getting intrested..!

  2. Nice Episode

  3. Nice Episode

  4. Nipra

    Nice but anjali and Samir nt be married. It bcme worst also nt make him negative.

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