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Scene 1
Simar asks roli why are you in hospital ? Roli says I told you this is the same hospital.. Some one pats at her shoulder. SHe is scared. She turns back its sid. She hopes he has not listened anything. He says you are caught. I know you were talking to aditi. Roli says I was telling her that I have reached the hospital.

Siamr says why is she in hospital. I wanted to tell her that we should arrange sometime for talking. They can harm roli.

Sid and roli go to the doctor’s room. Roli says that I am feeling weak. The doctor says we have to do her full body check up. For that she has to be admitted for one night. Sid says why so ? Doctor says we will keep her under observation for 24 hours. Roli says yeah I have no problem. She says to sid that we have to do this. She

calls the nurse. Nurse says no one can stay with the patient. Sid says one attendant is allowed. I will stay here. ROli says in heart that I have to ask him to leave. Sid says roli I don’t feel God here. Someone should stay with patient. Lets go to our family doctor. I don’t find this place good. Roli says the staff is so friendly nothing will happen to me. Sid agrees. The nurse takes roli with her. The peon takes sid to reception.
The nurse says to roli don’t worry you will have no problems here. Its just about one night after that all your problems will be solved. Your husband loves you so much. He won’t have gone if you didn’t ask her too. she gives roli the dress to change. The nurse calls KArthik and says you asked for a young girl. We hava found one. Karthik says okay I will reach by evening.

Scene 2
Sid comes home. Everyone asks where is roli ? He says their rules are weird. No one can stay with the patient there. Mata ji prays for roli.

Karthik says to baa its an emergency. I have to leave. Baa is quite bugged. Vikran says you should have stayed. Karthik says I have to a surgical equipment after so long. Vikran says you know your work better. karthik says bye to sanju simar and baa. Simar says in heart that I can now live in sanju’s room. I will talk to roli tonight.

Scene 3
Roli calls aditi and says I am in navjeevan hospital. I will stay here tonight. Aditi says you shouldn’t have gone there Its not safe. Roli says I had no other option. she feels like someone is outside her room. Sid comes in the room. he says here is some of your stuff. You might need it. He says I have an idea to stay here. I will get the ward boy uniform. roli says you should be in the house. Anjali is alone there. He says you are not understanding. he says okay don’t listen to me. He is about to leave. Roli holds his hand. He kisses her forehead and leaves.

Scene 3
Someone enters the hospit at night. Roli is eating in her room. The nurse comes to her room and says you’ll be tested by tonight. Roli start fainting. The nurse smiles. Roli falls on the floor. She pretends like she doesn’t know whats happening to her. She calls the peons. They take her too a room called restricted room where some other fainted people are present too.Nurse goes to karthik and says girl has been sent to restricted area. He says one patient is left. After him bring that girl. She asks what will we say to her family. Karthik says heart attack. Her heart muscles were weak. We tried to save her but we couldn’t.

precap’Karthik comes to roli’s room and says she is next make her ready. Nurse comes to her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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