Sasural Simar Ka 7th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 7th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anjali says to Simar leave my hand. Simar shows her the picture. Anjali says who took this? Simar says this is too much. You thought I won’t keep a check on you? Don’t I know. I asked raju to keep an eye on you. And this is what you did. How can you be so heartless. Your marriage is about to end. Don’t you understand. You have this last chance to save your marriage. I thought you wanted to save it. I thought you wanted to change but I can’t believe you did this. If Vikram gets to know this no one can save your marriage. Anjali tries to snatch the phone. Simar says you are unbelievable. Are you scared? you think I will show this to Vikram. You are right I will do exactly the same if you ever do something like this again. This is the last warning for you. I

will show this to VIkram and everyone next time. Anjali says you are blackmailing me. Simar says think whatever you want. Remember that I am giving you one last chance. If you want to save marriage then come on right path otherwise you know. Anjali says she is so clever. I have to be careful.

Piyush says to Vadahi Roshni is just a good friend why did you ask that? Vadahi says I just did. Piyush says you know people say that we realize importance of people when they go away from us. And when you weren’t here I felt like.. Jhavi comes in and says Vadhai please tell me how did you make that sweets. She takes Vadahi with him. Piyush says I couldn’t say anything. Amar says you could take tips from me. Prem comes as well. Prem says tell me one thing. Do you love her? Piyush says what.. Prem says do you? Piyush says I think.. Prem says yes or no? Piysuh says yes. Prem says how much? Piyush says more than I love myself. Prem says when we love someone we have to spend some beautiful moments with them. Piyush says I can understand why you relationship with mom is so strong. now I know what to do.

Roshni comes crying to her room and says why did she come back. Anjali says because simar wanted. She couldn’t see your happiness. Simar brought her back. Roshni says KB would have helped me if she were here. Piyush comes in. Anjali says Roshni says I know what happened with you in competition was wrong but I don’t think it was Piyyush’s mistake. He won’t have done this deliberately. Roshni says he doesn’t care for me. Piyush says you are wrong. Roshni says what do you want now. Anjali says you two talk I am leaving. Piyush says you are thinking wrong. I know that you think what happened was wrong. But for me it was a different moment. When I saw Vadahi.. I forgot everything i only saw her. And in that moment I was just lost. Roshni leaves in anger. Piyush says I didn’t want to hurt you.. He sees that she has left. Piyush says I know you are upset but how do I tell you what I feel.

Simar says on breakfast table Anjali really took care of Sanjev. Mataji says she is your daughter after all. Anjali will give us more reasons to appreciate her. Simar says we should do something for her rest as well. Simar says to sanjev press that button like I told you. Sanjev presses the button and anjali’s phone rings. Simar says now Anjali will know when sanjev needs him. When he needs you he can call you. There is a same button near his bed as well. Anjali looks angrily and simar.

Anjali wears nighty and says I will how vikram stays away from me. She sees him talking on call. Simar says he is still on call. I should go touch up. Anjali comes to her room, the phones buzzes. She says oh God. She cuts sanjev’s all. Door knocks its simar. Anjali says what you want. simar says alarm is blaring. Answer it. Are you thinking how I know? See this when sanjev presses button same alarm blares in this devide as well. You are smart but I am your mom. I arranged all this so you can’t fool me anymore. Go and see what he wants. Vikram says what happened? Anjali says papa is calling me. Let me go and check him. She goes. Simar says to Vikram you should rest its late.

Simr is thinking about anjali. Prem brings her coffee. she says you should have told me if you wanted a coffee. He says so you don’t like my coffee? Simar says it is risky but okay. She drinks it and says it is so good. Prem says are you worried about anjali? Whatever she is doing is all because of you. Simar says I have to do everything because I don’t have another option. At this moment I am worried about roshni as well.. She was so upset when she see vadahi and piyush together. Prem says she will cool down and everything will be okay. Prem says your son is a good friend. Your son loves Vadhai but he can’t tell her. Simar says I can expect that from him. Simar says he is like his dad. Prem says I was a champ in proposing girls in my college. Simar says I didn’t know that before. How many have you proposed. He says just one. The one who is with me right now. Simar laughs. Prem says help him propose vadahi. Simar says he has champ with him no? We both will help him.

Precap-Anjali is cooking for sanjev. She puts a lot of red chili in it. Simar can’t drink it. Anjali says you like it so much that you cried? Vikram tastes the soup in kitchen. He runs upstairs.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  4. Anjali is worse than a recalcitrant child. I swear, this girl is beyond redemption, she’s made out of fire and brimstone, not human feelings. How can a daughter hate her mother to this degree, is mind boggling. Do ppl like this really exist? Writers, you need to put this girl through a metamorphosis, seriously!!!!! Her character is hopeless.

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      Isnt kaal supposed to be piyush but now I feel devil is anjali. Any idea where is other girl sanjana?

      1. Nope, you know how characters like to disappear and reappear for convenient reasons. Soap land is a place to not exist….lol….and you are right, and anjali is one daughter no parents should be blessed with.,she is like the devil spawn……

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