Sasural Simar Ka 7th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 7th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says in heart everyone is patali’s follower in this house. Simar says go to your rooms and rest. Everyone leaves only mata ji and simar are there. Simar says i hope whatever you saw today, you will keep your mouth shut after this. You know what can I do. Mata ji says don’t do anything. i did as you asked. Simar laughs and says till your mouth is shut i will keep my promise. Otherwise I will do something that you have not even imagined and you will be responsible for it. Not me. She leaves. Mata ji sits there in tears. mata ji says please save my family God. Bring my simar back please.

Mata ji is walking in the dark. She recalls bowing down to patali’s idol, She says i have committed a sin. But I had no other option. i don’t know what to do. Please

take me out of all this God. She sees simar going towards the temple.
She blows the candle and says get used to darkness. Now this house will lit candles in name of patali. Did you see how everyone bent down to me. Tonight something will happen that you or anyone here has imagined. Mata ji overhearing all this. Mata ji says what is she going to do? I am really worried. I dont know what she is gonna do. I have to stop her at any cost.

Next morning, Karuna says when did mata ji leave? Sujata says she said that she will come by evening. she has gone to pray for our family. Prem comes and says whats in breakfast? sid says whats on your forehead? Its a dot. Sid says its not removing. Simar recalls putting it on his head at night. Simar says till your mata ji is back, you would be gone from this house. You will be out of this house. Uma says lets serve the breakfast. Sujata says to sid, leave it. Eat first.

Devika tells khushi everything. Devika says i couldn’t do anything. Patali is upto something new now. Khushi what now? Devika says i dont know either. Khushi says i dont know what to do. I feel like i have lost. I wont be able to save them. I am not as powerful as them. devika says she is the queen of evil. I dont know whats her next step.

Simar says I was thinking we should donate fruits and blankets. Rajhinder says what could be better than that. simar says sattu and shalu will take care of blanket. Pre says i will go with them. simar says in heart if prem goes will them my plan would fail. Prem sneezes repeatedly. Simar says you shouldn’t go out in cold. You should stay home. sattu says we will handle it. Sid says yes you should rest prem. Simar says to prem rest in the room I will make you tea. Prem wonders how this flu started. He goes to his room.

Mata ji says to pandit ji i want you to do pooja for protection of my family. He says till i read the mantra keep this mala in your hands and keep reading the mantra.
Simar stands in front of patali idol. A green paper turns in to dagger. she takes it.
Simar says who sill save you now prem. Roli comes there. Simar hides the dagger. Roli says what are you doing here? Simar says i made tea for prem. So I thought i should place it in devi maa’s feet. Since mata ji is okay because of devi maa. My faith has gotten stronger. Roli says okay then get ready. Simar says prem has to sleep. i will come with him. You all can leave. simar says okay sure.

Precap-Simar sings the song ‘ang laga de rey’. She tries to seduce prem. Later she stabs prem’s arm with a dagger. Mata ji says i will not let this family break. Simar says i will see who stops me. Simar sees the dagger in her hand.
Mata ji is doing pooja with pandit ji.
simar tells sid on call i and prem will come soon. Prem is drinking the tea she made him. Simar says do you feel any better? Prem says my head hurts. He faints.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. such a worst story i have ever seen.when roli get to know abt the truth they r not giving importance for roli

  2. Mata ji and others were shocked seeing
    Simar flying in air and attacking Prem.
    Mata ji was shocked when Simar was
    trying to kill Mata ji and Prem. Mata ji
    had no option than to end Simar’s evil.
    Mata ji brings Mata Rani’s trishul and
    keeps Simar away. They throw sindoor
    on Simar’s face. The evil spirit in Simar
    screams. Devika puts Mata Rani’s blessed
    sindoor on Simar. Simar faints. Mata ji
    knew how to make Simar fine. Mata ji,
    Prem and Devika succeeded to make
    Simar fine. Simar has got fine now, and
    the evil spirit by Paatali Devi has gone
    from her body. This happens by the
    family’s efforts. Simar will regret for her
    doings and apologize to family.

  3. thank god atleast now patali track coming to an end.cvs after this pls give us some rosid scenes and roli’s action

  4. bunddle serial

  5. Wat a horrible serial!

  6. Kitna faje dikhate ye sereil me..sirf simar aur roli ko evil sprit attack karte pari,uma khushi ko bhul jate concept ko khtam karo

  7. End d serial.. viewers have seen enough of such stupid ideas of d writer.. nothing is felt in d serial to entertain viewers..time for closing ceremony

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