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Sasural Simar Ka 7th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Roli says but everyone is looking for roli. simar says she is fake and living as you in this house. you are my roli, my sister. You are roli bharadwaj. Sid’s wife. Please try to recalls everything we don’t have much time. THe man and woman who call themselves your parents are lying. they give you that powder so you don’t remember anything. roli says how you know that. simar says i heard it from them myself. please try to recalls everything. simar sits with her she shows her old photo. she says look this is your photo with our mom. you remember gautam? you used to fight with him. we have been brought together. please try to recall it.

Pari wonders why simar is more worried for shurti than roli. Karuna comes and says where are you both lost? uma says dont you feel siamr’s

beahvior weird? simar is worried about shurrti more than roli. sujata says what are you saying? we shouldn’t think like that about simar, karuna says but it can been seen that simar is not worried for roli. she didn’t tell us anything about rli.she is sitting with ease in her room with shuuti. mata ji says why you people think that there is something wrong with roli? She is sensible and she will co,e back. Don’t make it an issue in the house. and no one will talk rubbish about simar. she leaves. pari says what did we say that mata ji got so mad?

Sushma says lets go and tell cops everything. jatin says no they will kill us. sushma says ma’am is out of reach and that girl is recalling her memory. Lets run from here no one will be able to find us.

Roli says these photos, i don’t remember anything. simar says how can you not remember. try to focus. she says i am trying, my head hurts. simar says okay tell me one thing what did you recalls when you where moving towards sid and your hugged him. simar says this is your true love that took you to sid. sid knocks at the door. Simar opens the door. sid says where is roli simar?

Vash says this night i will do pooja for simar and roli. amar says that woman has reached where she should have been. amar and calendar leave. Fake roli is watching them. vash comes back to her house and hears some voice. SHe looks near the door, the door closes by itself. Fake roli says you got me hit by simar? This is your turn to die now. vash is scared. She tries to go out, but someone shoves her and drags her in. There is blood on the wall. Amar says who was screaming? lets go in and watch. When they go towards vash’s house some poeple are standing there. They say we heard vash screaming. There is a very bad smell there. They open the door and are shocked.

Sid says tell me simar where is roli? what happened to her. simar says i don’t know where is she. sid leaves, simar wonders why sid was interrogating like that. simar says shurti rest here. i am coming in a moment.

Simar comes to the living room, whole family is there along with cops. Prem says where is roli simar? simar is dazed and confused. Simr says what is the matter? why are you all asking me? sid says because inspector says rli met and an accident and you hit her.

Precap- inspector says simar we have proof that you hit her by your car. prem says can i see those proofs. He shows prem the photos, inspector says we have to arrest simar.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. update fastly ya

  2. today update very slow

  3. again nautanki…huhh

  4. I red that vaishnavi and amar s going to be killed by fake roli oh plz don’t do that

    1. Why again wasting another 2 episodes on arresting simar and someone releasing her on bail?? Good people should never die…pls spare vaishnavi and amar.they didn’t show leela’s death…guess she’s alive.

      Someone is helping fake roli to take photos and record video of amar abusing her….jhanvi????

  5. Kya faltugiri lagayi hai.jaldi fake roli ki sachai saamne la do. Cant wait anymore.



  8. oh ho sid y cant to u c the truth yaar.pari guessed right agar simar care of shruti more means and that cleared that she ur roli.y cant u c this sid.and i dont get wt simar and mataji waiting for ab tak the should say the nt i guess ki their waiting that fake that their plan can get back fire tn them itself hai naa.bus stop this bakwas and unite rosid that we can our rosid back.

  9. So vash z dead.what’ll hapen now

  10. Oh no!Vash is dead?Kill fake roli plzzz.end this part fast

  11. Excuse me priyaroli you don’t watch shastri sisters

  12. Again same nautanki. Now vaushnavi killed. That was so unfair. Simar again go in to jail? By the time roli will regain her lost memory and do something. Hopefully! !!

  13. Its totally rubbish story again

  14. erika yes i watch shasri i hate the track of anu and rajat i get upset with i stop commenting in it.but i hope ki the track change and i will back in that site also.

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