Sasural Simar Ka 7th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 7th February 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 7th February 2013 Written Update

sid is tellng naina to imagine her loved one and say her feelings…but naina doesnt so sid lectures her again on confidence and saying it. he tells her to keep it short and sweet…and naina says when he is in front of me i am not able to say it. waiter comes n offers drink and sid has a flashback of Roli drinking alcohol and sid starts talking about roli but stops. he takes the drink and gives it to niana to drink and she says i dont drink and he says once u drink this u will forget ur fear. have it. and he himself takes a drink too. and both of them drink to love.

Back in the house veeru informing a jhony that marriage is tomorrow. and roli is listening and thinking veeru is preparing for marrige so i have to talk to him about property. and roli goes to him and veeru starts

talking about how grand their marriage is going to be. roli says i need to talk to u about something imp. Veeru calls pandit and he says it will be 12.00 clock mahurat. and roli disconnects the call and roli says i want to talk something imp. and throws his phone. and veeru says what is it? is this a joke. I love u..very much and tomorrow i will marry u…and u will either marry me at ur will or i will marry u forcefully…it is up to u. and roli says i m not joking..i m thinking about my future. u c..what bhardwaj parivaaar did to me. so i want u to transfer all ur property in my name. and veeru is shocked and simar and masi listening in. veeru says after marriage is all urs …so whats the difference. i dont understand why all of a sidden this condition. Roli i m asking u something. and roli says FEAR!!!! i m scared that this bardwaj parivaar did to me…u might as well. Veeru says u dont trust me ? or is the matter something else. simar says to masi i hope veeru is not suspecting veeru. and veeru says what billo told me this morning is true thta ur love is a farce. and roli turns around and says i wanted to hear this. i knew u would meet khushi. even after breaking all realtionship with her u are not separate from her. why did u go to meet her. and veeru says i did not go to meet billo…and roli says how can i believe u? and roli says u broke my trust…how can i believe that u wont meet khushi again after marriage. and if u want me to believe me then call the lawyer now and transfer the property in my name. Veeru is shocked. roli says i cant believe i will get everything back in a few moments. i will get everything back. my family my sid. and she goes to god to light a candle but it blows off and roli is wondering if sid is ok.

Sid is shown completely drunk…and so is naina. sid telling naina to say her feelings. and he is talking about losing love and has flashbacks of roli. and naina is having flashbacks of SID!! (GROSS)!!!… naina was about to tell sid but there is an annoucment about dancing .. roli finally lits the diya and is trying her best that it stays lit. Sid haveing flashback of dancing with roli. he tells naina to make the guy she loves jealous…by dancing with some other guy. and naina says lets dance to sid. sid says no..and naina is like i dont know how to dance to help me…for love…and he holds her hand and takes her to the dance floor. roli crying and trying to make her diya stay lit. and she looks at god. and she finally calls SID…but then she says i cant even call him.

pre-cap — sid and naina dancing. (GROSS!!!) sid and naina outside and lighting and naina out of fear hugs sid…and a married pic of roli and sid falls.

Update Credit to: kasrana

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