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Scene 1
Prem says forgive me if you can. Prem says I never trusted you never let you speak. I don’t know when will I give you the place you deserve. I wish I could stop those moments and make everything like before. I ruined Anjali’s life. Who does that? He hits head. Simar says stop. She hugs him. Simar says don’t blame yourself. You did for her better. We can’t go back in time. But yes we can promise each other that after today we will make anjali’s life calm. She will understand her responsibilities. Prem says will you ever be able to forgive me? Simar says will you? Prem says yes. The song tere liye plays in background. They hug each other. SImar swipes his tears. Prem caresses Simar’s face.
KB knocks at the door. She says Prem my friend works

in Vikram’s office. She told be Vikram’s office has been raided by income tax department.

Scene 2
Vikram’s office is raided. He is worried with taoji. Prem calls vikram. Prem says I heard what happened? Vikram says yes. Prem says don’t lose your cool don’t say anything that would be used against you. Prem says what are they saying? Vikram says I don’t know what they are doing. They are checking old record. Please tell me what should I do. Prem says I will try something don’t worry. Do not lose your patience. simar says what did he say? Prem says Khushi leave us alone please. Khushi says okay she leaves. Prem says and yes don’t tell Anjali about it. KB says as you say. Simar says what will happen? Prem says I will try everything. He leaves.

Saroj comes to Anjali and says I won’t force you for anything. When house and relations change we have to change ourselves a little too. We have to make peace in the house. And this is a responsibility. We all have to adjustments in life. And I will always be with you. I will guide you. Little changes bring peace in life. Read this list you will understand. Anjali reads, 7am wake up. Pooja. Breakfast and food. Give food to papa. Arti. Prepare meal on time. Send the clothes in laundry. Anjali says but we have Gopal for all this. Saroj says but there is a difference between you and him. He can’t take your place. I want you to stay here like a daughter. Our relation should be friendly. From now on you will give meds to bhai sahab? Anjali says okay. Saroj leaves. Anjali says what the hell am I some school kid. If I say anything she will complain Vikram.

Scene 3
Piyush is fixing Vadahi’s radio. He says it will work so good now. She gives him the screw. Piyush says this one fixed. He says were you mechanic? She says I used to help my dad fixing all these. Don’t you have any such moments with your dad? Prem recalls when Prem gave simar divorce papers. Piyush says I never had moments with him only with mom. Vadhai says I am sorry. He says my mom was my dad. She did everything for me. You know she used to teach me how to fix my cycle. Everything a father teaches. She is both my mom and dad. Vadhai touches his shoulder and says everything between you and him will be okay. Vadahi says my dad used say relations are life computers they get viruses then we format them and delete bitter memories and restart. Mataji comes in. She asks Piyush what have you thought of marrying? Piyush says what? Mataji says why are you so surprised. Some day you have to. Piyush says I might marry tomorrow. but I can’t find one like you. Mataji says then you will die single. What kind of girl you wanna marry? Why are you quite? I will find one for you. She leaves.
Piyush says why did she talk about wedding suddenly?

Scene 4
Saroj and Agarwal are worried. They say where are they? Vikram and taoji come home. Vikram asks papa did you take meds? Agarwal says why are you so late? Is everything okay? Vikrma says yes everything was fine. There wasn’t cash so we were late. We had to solve them. Saroj says there are other things that have to be solved to. I want to talk to you about something important. Vikram says what happened? is there any problem? Saroj says yes there is. She looks at anjali. Saroj says so solve this I have decided something. Vikram says what are you talking about? Saroj says from today anjali and my relation won’t be of mother in law. She will be my friend. Vikram says I think you both had fun in munh dikhai. Saroj recalls what happened. Saroj says it was good. All the women were so happy to meet her.

At night, prem takes simar to the hall. He holds her hand. He has decorated the whole hall with candles. SImar says what is all this? Everything is decorated. Prem shows her the kalash. She will walk in as a new bride. Prem says lets start a new life.

Precap-Simar comes in the house as a new bride. Prem holds her hand.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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