Sasural Simar Ka 7th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 7th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mohini says you better prepare to get killed and i am going to marry amar. After that i will complain my mission with prem’s life. mohini leaves, simar is alone in the room with the cat.
sujata says the wedding must have started. Sid says no the time has not started. uma says i have prepared the arti. there is so much to do in the house. Roli recalls simar saying that she doubts mohini and sunanda are responsible for whats happening in the house. she drops the arti plate. Sujata says what you did roli, this is not a good sign. Sid asks roli why you look worried? Roli says i want to go to simar didi. Please let me go. Mata ji says okay you can go if you feel agitated. and keep us informed. The cat comes to attack on simar. Simar looks at the door and runs out. The cat jumps, simar comes out of the room. She looks or a way to go out. A closet opens in front of her. Simar opens it and is shocked to see amar in the closet, he is faint. Simar says amar open your eyes, she looks for the water. She picks him up and puts him on sofa. Simar says forgive me amar, i have to leave you alone like this but i am helpless.

simar sees a window and jumps out of it. Roli and sid come to the house, roli says the door is open. They get in. They look for simar, prem and amar but no on is there. She says maybe they left for the temple.
Mohini starts her pooja prem is lying in front of her. She dances. Simar comes and stop her from nibbing the nail in prem’s neck. she says you came in my way again simar, i will sacrifice prem. Simar says you can’t do this because God i with me. Mohini says you can’t stop me, i will do this with prem. She shoves simar and starts her pooja again. Simar takes a rod. Mohini sees her and throttles simar with her tail. Mohini shoves simar. mohini stabs simar multiple times, simar still tries too save prem. Mohini shoves her everytime. simar is badly injured. Mohini did you see my power? you cant do anything. You will have to with your life for it. And prem will live. When i am done i will send prem to you as well. She shoves simar and simar falls off the cliff.
Mohini says there will be a new chapter in bharadwaj house now.

Precap-Everyone is bharadwaj house gathers for some pooja, mohini and sunanda come downstairs.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. rosid

    Rosid scene please we all now Simar is gonna di but at about mat ji is she actually dead or what

  2. s

    what happen to mataji? is she dead or mohini did something yesterday segmnt they didnt show rosid and prem also where are they? and how mataji dead they show haar on her pic?? confusing it what happen to prem now where is prem… ? bw family is not accepting simar why so??

  3. s

    i think cvs didnt geting any background musics…. in rajveer track and also in dayan track they giving nagin background music only…..

  4. sandya

    in promo after leap showed.. is mataji dead? what about rosid and prem in precap they didnt show??? i think now amar will finds the truth about mohini and helps simar… where rosid and prem? otherthan these they show all members of family in precap and mohini in new avatar. as married lady…

    • sandya

      simar tells mataji that only prem and simar will attened but roli tells she dont send simar alone.. but simar tells roli ka pyaar and uska prayer family love, and prem uska saath hai use kuch nahi hoga.. premar comes to amar house.. simar try to coovince amar but he refuse… prem tells he going to temple for to do marriage preparations.. amar also went out….simar confronts mohini and mohini tells she and her mother are dayan then simar shocked mohini tells she only killed thakurayin… and prem is her target… black cat comes and try to attack on simar….

  5. s

    anyone knows how they are showing mataji dead? what happen to her…
    simar action seen super.. mohini long hair in fighting is good… simar action super… now we have to see how simar bring her truth out from tomorw episodes.. which is after leap… want to see what hapen to mataji ? rosid prem also they didnt showed.. is roli in jail?? what hapen to her? or they all also in home only…

  6. ssk fan

    Where’s Maya when you need her? Oh wait, ffs I forgot she’s playing another “naagin” like character in bhagyalakshmi 🙁 But I though Maya and Amar would be together, they both seem nice together…

  7. aa

    please BAN this horibble serial….
    What is left now … so many negative characters , ghosts , naag – naagin , dayan…
    who is the writer of this bakwaas serial…

  8. anusha

    in on location video it is given that pari janvi and amar spice on mohini to find out the truth they are doing jassoos now.. and other side when mohini and her mother comes to hall open the door otherside bw house simar will stand there with key.. but they missed to see her… but amar is finding truth now.. and pari janvi with him.. but they didnt show other familyy members and rosid also not shown and prem also.. what hapen to them and where is mataji?? and whre is roli?

  9. sandya

    simar kar rahi hi mohini ko pareshan, jahnavi -pari ne ki mohini ki jassosi.. mohini ke peeche bw parivar… kya mohini ka hoga khel katam?

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