Sasural Simar Ka 7th August 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 7th August 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 7th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with devastated prem all broken up and all the fb of the conversation and truth coming in his mind regarding his father’s death and he being adopted by the bhardwaj family. Bg – plays in the background of kailash kher’s music. He shouts loudly saying no and falls down and starts crying. He gets all the good memories spent with bhardwaj family and then mataji saying that he is shakti’s son. He is crying very much just then simar comes and goes to him. Then prem says that god has played a very bad game with him and he is not prem “bhardwaj” anymore. He cries a lot now. Simar says that it’s nothing like that. She tries to explain him but he tells her that he is not in condition to hear anything and he pleads her to leave him alone. Prem then leaves from

there and simar watches him going and cries. On the other hand rajendra says to sujata and mataji that they should have told him about shakti. Then sujata says that she couldn’t say because she had promised daduji and therefore she couldn’t tell anyone then rajendra says that he is proud that she kept daduji’s promise and it’s not her fault. Then mataji says that they need to find prem and he is her life and she can’t lose him. Then shobha comes and says that she need not do too much of drama. Then mataji says that she believes or not but prem is the ladla beta of the family and he is their favorite whether she believes it or not. Then sid says to mataji that she need not worry and he will find her ladla and everyone’s favourite prem and get him to her. All the men except rajendra leave to find prem. Then janvi says that she won’t let prem be a part of this house and will not let him stay with this family and simar here’s this and promises to mataji in her mind that she will not let this house break and will get prem back.

Prem is walking all devastated on the road and recollects all the things that mataji, sujata, janvi and shobha have said to him. He walks in a daze on the road and meets with a small accident. At home everyone is waiting for sid or someone to give information about prem. Then sujata says that prem has gone and please someone should find her son as he cannot stay without prem and she will die without him. Then roli explains to sujata that they will find prem jiju and he needs some time for himself to come out from this truth and then sid comes. He says that he did not find prem anywhere. Simar gets shocked.

Simar says that she will go and find prem but roli stops her calms her down and says that prem needs some time for himself to get out of this and he is the only one who can get himself out of this. Then shobha reprimands mataji and says a lot to her. Roli pleads janvi and shobha to leave from their house but janvi speaks more and says that they will not go. The screen freezes on mataji’s face.

Precap: – janvi says to roli that she was the one who kidnapped her. everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: vishwal

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