Sasural Simar Ka 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 7th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lal bahadur asks girjesh to bring him tea. He sees the oil marks on road. He asks girjesh how it came? Grjesh says the oil tank is leaking. Lal bahadur says when will they vanish? Lal bahadur says you know i don’t like irresponsible people. Now go and figure about it. He says there will be the same oil lines all the way. maybe they were made when roli was brought here.

Simar, amar and calendar come out of car in jungle. Simar says note this line will show us the right track and take us where roli went. they start walking and end up outside and banglow. amar says who has this banglow in this jungle. simar sees the car and says this is the same car i saw in our street. i think we should go inside the house. Amar says yeah we have to find our whose car is this. They rings

the doorbell. Girjesh sees the three coming in. He says if amar and calendar see i will be stuck i a problem. The main gate opens itself and closes when simar, amar and calendar walk in. Girjesh goes to Lal bahadur and says Simar bhardwaj is here. Lal bahadur says what are you saying? Girjesh says i am right.

Amar says simar look in that direction i will look here. They start sneaking, Lal bahadur comes in front of simar. simar is dazed. he says its bad manners to walk in a strangers house. simar says our car was broken. He says is this a garage still you came in. do you enter others house like this always? simar says i rang the bell but the door opened itself. Lal bahadur says and you walked it? Simar says our car in broken. Lal bahadur says girjesh their car is broken go help them. He says to simar why are you looking at me? simar says don’t you feel scared living alone in this jungle? Lal bahadur says the animals of jungle scare the one who fear. i am friends with them. people who love to live in solitude can live here. I think the animals and ghosts must be feared of me. Go girjesh will help you. Girjesh goes out with simar and stops when he sees amar and calendar coming. Simar asks girjesh why did you stop? He says i will bring the kit.

Scene 2
Jahnvi says i need to go to bharadwaj house to bring some stuff. Roli says go i will handle here. jhanvi says i don’t feel good seeing differences between you and simar. soon your and her bond will be strong as ever. Roli says i hope everything gets better between simar and prem. jhanvi says don’t worry.

Amar asks simar did you get to know something? Simar says the man who lives there is quite weird, but roli has some relation with this car. It dropped her after two hours which the the distance of this house. roli came here to meet the weird man who live here. we have to find out why roli came here? amar says how will we know? Simar says there is a way. calendar bring the car.

Lal bahadur says to girjesh how dare you to conceal it from me. were they the same people who caught you? if amar and calendar see you i will be ruthless with you. girjesh says please pardon me lal bahadur jee. Lal bahadur opens door of a dark room and shoves him in. Girjesh is scared. Lala bahadur sees simar and amar leaving in their car, he says that means they came here to spy, their car is not broken. Lal bahadur opens the door after a while. Girjesh says please pardon me. Lal bahadur says i am giving you a chance to increase your life line. Now listen to me i want simar never to break this maze. go and kill simar and amar. go what you have to do?

Amar says to simar we sent calendar with the car. what to do next? simar calls roli. Roli picks the call. Simar says are you okay? roli says i am away from you. simar says i will halt the investigations if i don’t find any proof by evening. roli says thank God, I never wanted differences between you and prem. simar says i am doing last attempt. amar and i are outside a weird banglow 1 hour drive form Dehli. There is a black car outside the house without number plate. There is servant inside and his absurd master. i and amar about to go in this house.

Precap-roli says how did they reach there? please save them, their life can be endangered. Lal bahadur sits in car and goes somewhere. Simar and amar clamber inside the house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. no logic at all……
    story is gng away from its base
    better bring something catchy so that it can get hold of viewers pulse.if not ua show will land no where

    same suggestion goes to all shows vch r gng like dis…

    i feel now a daz suhani show is dng gud.

  2. in the next episode simar try to open that door and roli comes there and says dont open that door and then simar asks roli about truth then roli says to simar that sid is with rajveer but he was trying to kill her.but she dont know that he is sid or simar and roli will find that he is sid or not.finally sid is back in ssk

  3. Hey apadi at last Sid is back…..uss kamarae nae nagin maya hogi….

  4. Why its feeling lyk either that strange man rajvir is snake or there is sm snake in that house or that prticular dark rm

  5. Why its feeling lyk either that strange man lal bhadur is snake or there is sm snake in that house or that prticular dark rm

  6. N why its lookin lyk jhanvi is also mystrs

  7. on the topic of jhanvi, what happened between her and anrag, her husband?

  8. Even I hav doubt y they left her story…
    .atlast they had some fight in Sunaina episode……..

  9. If maya is in tat room means then where is sid

  10. i think sid is in that room.because they are saying that he was changed to naag

  11. No guys he is nt a naag maybe..i think that at the day of accdnt maya must came back to that ambulance to take away sid bt at that tym that lal bahadur shuld had came there n took sid n maya to his home n at that hm that man maybe prmsd to maya that sid ll remain in frnt of hr syt n she make sid alive as a human with hr pwrs..n she must be erased sid’s whole lyf memory..bcz in prvs episodes she said that there myt be danger to sid’s life by rmvng his mmry twice bt it was the thing that may be there is danger or may be she took risk n erasd his mmry n they give him new name aryan n in that rm there is maya..its my thought

  12. OMG how they r getting villains easily.pls send some villains to Bollywood cinema also be oz always Sony is the villain

  13. Watever is it sidharth vasudev looks super hot in tomorrows episode…lol..his mannerisms reminds me of sid only….dunno wtr he is sid r wt….

  14. i swear sidhant is alive. I wish he was…. these episodes without him are so bad. I am ligit in love with him… why did he have to kill himself? stupid maya why cant she just f**koff… tryijg to steal others husbands. besharm…kanjush…b****

  15. in the entry of sid, looks amazing.his style was totally changed.i think sid entry was in this week

  16. Latest news.. Sid is back wit a bang tht too in a very negative role. In one of d videos he’s trying kill roli. He is completely out of memory. The new villain is not Sid.. But Sid is staying wit tht idiot villain I guess.. But wer tht maya crap is.. Still not revealed.. Simar nd prem wil again have many arguments..

  17. I saw a hand opening that dark room when simar was about to open roli stops her .that hand is maya’s . so sid s living with her in rajveer’s house. Stupid story. How they connect naagin story with other villain.

  18. Hey tis is ssk sure some twist would be there related to tat villan and maya….he said na he loves janvar….

  19. Hmm…May b.. If al d crew of ssk is send to jungle then everything wil b fine..

  20. any one can tel me plz.. is sid is now aryan in human or is he become naag??/ in todays youtube dey gvng dat maya turns sid into naag as wen she kidnaped sid body frm hospital… in yesdy segmnt sid said he is aryan he dont have wife akela hai.. sirf uska malik ka kam karta hai…. which is crct..??/??? plz tel me ..

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