Sasural Simar Ka 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Bhairavi’s plan fails again

Sasural Simar Ka 6th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhairavi calling everyone and shows the boy. Mata ji asks who is this boy? Bhairavi asks Boy to tell his relation with Simar and why she is meeting him in nights. Prem asks what is this, why Simar have relation with him. Boy asks Bhairavi to lower her tone and be polite with him. Bhairavi asks him to tell what is his relation with Simar. Boy says the woman whom you are calling Simar is actually my maa. Everyone is shocked. Bhairavi says they came to steal in the house and asks Boy to agree. Simar comes and says Boy is saying truth. Piyush asks what you are saying?

Simar says I am his Maa? She tells that he is Shera and helped her in doing parikrama in the temple. She says they will make him do keertan as he sings bhajan well. Sameer looks on. Mata ji says it is

a good thought, your heart is so big like our mata rani. Shera says I want to work for her service all my life. Mata ji asks everyone to sleep and asks Bhairavi to keep her heart calm. Bhairavi tells Pari and Sameer that Simar and Shera are thugs, and says whenever Prem tries to get closer to her, she brushes off his hand as if she got current. Shera hears her. Bhairavi says we have to do something to bring their truth out. Shera tells the same thing to Simar. Simar says ok and says it is proved that their thinking is same as we thought. Shera says we shall do for what we came. Simar says Bhairavi’s crimes pot isn’t full yet, when it is full then she will be exposed, and asks Shera to sleep.

Bhairavi and Pari come to the kitchen and mess up the vegetables and throws the groceries on floor. Bhairavi says you have to pay the heavy price to bring the boy here. Pari and Bhairavi laughs.

Mata ji asks Roshni to make parathas for breakfast. Pari tells Mata ji that Shera has messed up the kitchen. Mata ji and Roshni go to kitchen and check. Pari says it will be fun now. Mata ji angrily calls Pari and asks her to come to kitchen and says everything is clean. Pari and Bhairavi see the kitchen clean. Mata ji says it seems you are getting mentally unstable. Shera comes out and shows plate to Bhairavi. Bhairavi sees Simars reflection and is shocked.

Sanjana tells Sameer that she is packing for honeymoon. Sameer says we can’t go in this situation. Sanjana asks him to tell and gives his promise. Sameer says Simar is not the actual Simar. Sanjana asks what do you mean? Bhairavi says he wants to say that Simar is his Maa also, and they shall do something special for her. Sanjana says I got scared and says why did you get tensed. She says I think you are right, we shall stay happily with everyone rather than going out. Bhairavi thinks she has to make sure Sameer don’t do this mistake again and acts as she is feeling dizzy. Sanjana says you must be hungry and goes to bring something. Bhairavi asks Sameer if he has gone mad to tell Sanjana. Sameer says his blood boils angrily whenever he sees fake Simar talking nicely with Sanjana. Bhairavi asks him to control and says she has an idea to expose her. Sanjana says she is going to give tea to Bhairavi.

Shera says he will give tea to her. Mata ji asks if karwachauth arrangements is done. Roshni says it will be done by evening, mehendi designer will come too. Aarav comes and makes Mata ji to have laddoo first. His wife asks if he got that America job. He says yes. Ananya says it was her childhood dream to go there. Aarav says there is a problem and tells that he can’t take her along with him due to accommodation problem. Mata ji asks him to talk to his company. He says they can’t give me home until I am on training and once I settles there, I will call you. Ananya gets upset and goes. Aarav says I can’t take her as of now. Mata ji asks mata rani to show some way. Bhairavi asks Sameer to take Simar’s signature on a cheque and says just as it is signed, her game is over. Sameer says we will get it verified by an expert. Shera hears them.

Sameer tells Simar that he wants to surprise Sanjana and wants some money. Simar signs the cheque. Sameer comes to Bhairavi. She asks if Bank refused to accept the cheque.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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