Sasural Simar Ka 6th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 6th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sima overhears everything KB said. Simar comes in and says Anjali you here? You should have been in Mataji’s room. Anjali says I am going there back. I just had to talk to KB. Simar says she has slept. You should rest too. Anjali says okay.
Simar says to KB so Anjali will have to tolerate all this for three more days? Tell me what have you planned? What will you do? Khusih says wait a min. I have done nothing. I don’t know what you are talking about. Simar says I won’t hear about anything when it comes to my daughter. Tell me how are you manipulating her now. I am not alone now, Anjali’s father is with me now. And you should remember how strong we stand when we are together. Simar leaves. Khushi says I hope she doesn’t tell Prem. He would

kill me.
Piyush says to Simar your warning won’t work at KB. SImar says I should have heard it all. Piyush says I think you should tell papa. SImar says but I don’t know full thing. Piyush says hiding it from him would be a mistake.

At night, Simar says I think Piyush was right. I should talk to Prem. Prem comes in room.. Simar says tries to talk but he ignores her.
Prem comes back and says what are you doing? SImar says preparing to sleep. He says you can sleep on bed. You get your ache in your back if you sleep on couch. Prem says I don’t wanna argue about that. Simar says in heart should I tell him or not? Prem says you wanna say something? SImar says yes. Simar tells him everything. Prem comes in hall and calls everyone. Rajhunder says you wanna say something? Prem says no Khushi wants to say something. Khushi says I? No I have no done anything. Prem says but you plan to. Tell everyone your plan for Navratri. Anjali says this means Simar told dad. Khushi says nothing. SImar says Anjali says why don’t you tell? What has khushi planned? Now there is no benefit in hiding. Khushi says KB I guess we should tell everyone. Dad our plan was that we would we would wear traditonals in Gala nad play dandiya there. I am not allowed to party but I can play dandiya, SImar says Anjali stop lying. Khushi says if you know then tell us what is it? Simar says don’t manipulate my daughter. Khushi claps and says every time you use lies to manipulate us all. She says Prem I know you can’t see her truth. She wants to be in this house. Simar says I didn’t listen to everything. Anjali says I am doing everything you are asking still I am being accused and KB too. Piyush says you know sir simar madam doesn’t lie. Prem says you keep quite. SImar says I have a way to prove. Simar says to Anjali you don’t consider me your mom. She puts Anjali’s hand on her head and says tell me you are saying truth. And what I am saying is a lie. Piyush says she is more close to Khushi. She should swear on Khushi’s head. KB says you should shut up. Simar says but he is right. So Anjali swear on Khushi’s head. Anjali swear on Khushi’s head that she is not lying. Anjali says you need more evidence? Prem says to SImar collect evidence before accusing someone. There is not more space for allegation. It shouldn’t happen again.

Khushi says I will die anjali. Why you swore on my head? Annjali laugs and says who dies this way. It won’t affect. If we cross finger it doesn’t work. It was null and void. Khushi says I am glad prem didn’t believe her. It would have ruined our plan. ANjali says her plan would ruin. My problems would end now. Thanks to you. Simar overhears them.

Scene 2
Simar and Anjali come downstairs. Simar says sorry for last night. Anjali says its okay. What have I to do? Simar says clean the temple? Anjali says why would I? Simar says its navratri in these days we should clean the temple ourselves. Mataji used to look after it but she is not well. She will be glad to see you doing this. Anjali says okay. Simar says the broom and stuff is separate. Don’t take it from kitchen. Simar says in heart I will get to know what you and Khushi are upto.

Roshni calls Piyush and says you are coming to dadniya with me. Piyush says don’t you understand how busy I am here. Roshni says sorry it was my mistake that I asked you. Piyush says sorry.. She hangs up. Piyush says I was so rude to her. Simar comes to Piyush. Simar says its Khushi behind making Anjali this way. she is upto something. Piyush says how will we know she is doing what? Simar says I have a plan to fail her plan.

Precap-OPrem says my daughter is grown up. You can ask for anything. Anjali says I want to go out of this house. Prem says ask simar once. Anjali says she would say no. Simar says you can go out but you have to take Piyary with you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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