Sasural Simar Ka 6th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 6th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Indra is doing her Pooja. She asks Prem to burn Simar’s wedding locket. He says I can’t do this. Prem starts fainting. He faints.
Indra sees him in shock. She says a human cant bear all this. I will remove you memory slowly. She tries to take her nail back from prem’s fist.

They hear Simar’s voice in jungle. Mata ji says don’t look back. They hear simar saying mata ji this is me your simar. Please look at me. Mata ji says this is a trap. Don’t look back. We have to keep moving forward. Simar says please look at me. Look what Indra has done to me. pari says what is this is simar really? Mata ji says we want to see you but why are you calling from back. you know we can’t look back but you can come in front. The voice stops. Khushi

says I am really scared. Mata ji says don’t be scared. God is with us. They hear woman screaming and crying. Jhanvi says who is this woman? Mata ji asks her who are you and why you crying? Its indra’s badi amma. They all get scared to see her. She laughs. I am here to help you so you can go back to your house. I will break both the pots. And this story will end here.

Indra makes Prem lie on bed. She says we will start next session later.
Sujata says don’t come forward. you can’t do anything. she laughs. Mata ji says i wont let anything happen to these pots. The pots fly up in the air. Mata ji and sujata try to catch it.
Prem wakes up and he recalls what indra said. He sees simar’s picture and says simar.. Why is your picture blur. Why are you going away from me. I can’t live without you. Indra has parted us. She removed your memories. Simar says memories are from us. you can’t give up like this.

Mata ji and everyone are in baharaadwaj house. They are dazed. Badi amma says i told you now find a way to go out of your own house. If you are alive. Pari says what is happening. She says you are trapped. You can’t even go to jungle because there is no jungle. Sujata says what would we do now. Khushi says we are stuck. Mata ji says we can find a solution. All the riddles on earth can be solved. Don’t be scared and find a way out. Badi amma laughs and disappears. Mata ji starts coughing, she says don’t touch anything. This is just an illusion. She temple there. They try to go but cant enter there. Mata ji sees karuna, sankalp and sattu. They try to call them but they cant hear. Khushi says they can’t hear us. Mata ji says there is a wall here. Mata ji says we wont give up. The good always wins over the evil.

Precap-prem says once i forget simar after that please bring simar back. indra laughs. She reads a mantra.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nye episode

  2. ssk: bharadwaj ladies trapped in witch’s trick.
    in color’s tv show sasural simar ka, bharadwaj ladies tried their best to reach the temple so that they can get roli and simar back.
    unfortunately, they could not complete with the witch’s power and returned back to their house.
    indravati’s guru made the pots to fly in air and while following them all the ladies reach their home.
    actually it was not their home but it was witch’s trick in which they got trapped.
    moreover they now could not get out of the house as they turned back about witch they were strictly refused.
    even though they are in their house but no one else could see thembecause of the magic spells.
    keep reading to know more intresting things happening in bharadwaj house.

  3. ssk: indravati is provoked by siddanth and amar. she rages and tells prem that she will kill him . she will make her family shake with fear and no one will be able to save them. she has kidnapped prem and mad about him. indravati cuts prem’s hand and his blood drops fall on the ground. siddanth loves prem a lot and tries to stop indravati from attacking prem. he makes her faint and takes her outside. but his plan fails, as sheis a daayan. she chants some lines and make siddanth and amar falls down. bharadwaj family is always there for each other, and gets afraid that the family can make her lose in the game.

  4. nice episode……

  5. tmrw jahnavi and pari searches the way to go out and they tells they are not finding but mataji finds the way and tells all hearing mataji voice all will go from that side and sujatha sprinkles holy water as the way of mataji voice coming from side.. and they find out the way and they goes mataji and all again in jungle… the witch(guru maa) cant do anything when they all going out she is helpless.. they again satrts mission bring roli and simar back…

  6. In the upcoming episode,we’ll see indra tries to kill prem by cutting his vein.sid tries to save him by hitting on her head and take her out of the house but amar&sid fails because of her black magic.

  7. sorry for the mistake, by cutting his hand instead of cutting his vein

  8. Oh what a bull shir crap is this supernatural power really such a borinf show

  9. SSK has always been a very interesting and arresting story line but from some time it is slipping.The absance Roli and now specially Simar is making it less ineresting.Also the evil is shown to be too powerful and it hurts too see making Mata Rani seem helpless.This supernatural phenomenon and Dayan culture should not be promoted beyond a point.
    It seems immpossible that happiness can return to Bharadwaj family after all this evil.

  10. Prem simar conversation lovely piyaar

  11. luv u premar,we r waiting for rosid luvly scenes

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