Sasural Simar Ka 6th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 6th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
pari comes to surbhi. surbhi locks the door. pari says i brought that evidence that could get you in trouble, You have to tell em what you left there. Surbhi says l;et me check it first. when she opens the box its empty. surbhi says sid said they have got some proofs what is this how? mata ji is calling surbhi and pari downstairs. they are dazed and tensed.

Pari is holding surbhi’s hand. mata ji grunts surbhi. simar asks sanju to go andf play upstairs in the room. Jhanvi says i will take her. mata ji syas its the good luck of bharadwaj house that we got a daughter in law like you. i considered you the daughter of this house with all my heart. This is waht you gave us in return? you abducted prem? surbhi is dazed. mata ji says and you apri you are involved in all this.

you forgot all the values and did this to us. shalu says i cant believe you could do this to prem. he always considered you his elder sister why you did this to him/ roli says you got everything from this family for your efforts. for this effort you should also get something. you deserve this, roli slaps her and she falls on the floor. simar says have you gone mad? you know she is pregnant. Roli says she is not pregnant. Everyone is bewildered. surbhi wonders how roli got to know this? roli says are you thinking how i figured all this. I knew it from the beginning but when didi told me that you were tensed when you were talking about prem. sid and me lied about the evidences eeryone was hopeful except you. you went to your room in tension. you were looking in your stuff and where hitting that rocking chair on your tummy in tension. a pregnant woman would never do anything that will harm her child. it didn’t pain you that means you are not pregnant. surbhi says its not like that. i was worried for prem. Roli syas stop it i know everything. i know that you can do anything to get prem. whole family will know the truth now.
Roli tells everyone how surbhi tried to kill simar in Hong kong. everyone is dazed on listening this.s roli says when she knew that she cant stop simar from coming back to prem’s life she wanted to kill her and she attacked simar. she got place in prem’s life but couldn’t make a place in his heart. sujata says didn’t you feel shame while doing this? look at simar. she gave her everything to make your life better and what you did in return? karuna says shame on you. khushi syas in heart she is even my mom. sujata says tell me where is my son? tell me what have you done to him? surbhi is crying. sujata says God will punish you like you wont ever be able to recover. tell me where is prem. Surbhi says whatever roli said about prem is right. i did all this in his love. i was feared of losing him. How could i let go a person i loved for two years. Everyone was waiting for simar to come back no one even thought about me so i did what i thought was right. She says i dont know where is prem. simar says surbhi love gives you strength. it tells the beauty of values. what kind of love is that? it made you weak. you thought of no one but yourself. simar says if for prem i can give you everything that for his safety you have no idea to which extent can i go. Tell me where is prem and how is he? surbhi says i dont know at all. When prem went to meet5 you i followed him and met him on the by pass. She said prem i cant live myb life without you why are doing this to me? He said i can make you wife wife but i cant give you my heart it will always belong to simar. I wish i could do something for you. I am going to london for a week. you have to adjust with these things. so you better do. surbhi said you have to answer me i loved you to get your love back. He sai you better not take stress in this condition. surbhi held her hand and said you have to answer me you can’t go. He said leave my hand. He shove her and she fell on the ground. She didn’t feel pain. Prem says why couldn’t you feel pian? are you preg or not? tell me the truth? surbhib said no i am not.

precap-mata ji thorws surbhi out and says this house is not of surbhi neither will it ever be. simar says if its not surbhi then hwho has abducted prem?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. At last surbhi’s got exposed ..Phew!!!!!

  2. Is it true that vikrant is going to be the new villan?

  3. Pehle to surbhi ko itna a6a bol rahe the sab. Aur prem ko ye v nahi pata ki agar usne surbhi ke sath ku6 kiya hi nahi toh bachha kahan se a gaya.

  4. Haan vikrant ne hi prem ko kidnap kiya hain. A6a hi kiya hain.

  5. Finally surbhi out. But the new villian vikarant will kidnap simar during remarriage of prem simar

  6. me also thiking like that vikarant is new villan yar oh no sid roli simar do fast yr save prem . &simar save ur love

  7. wow roli u did a good thing by slaping surbhi.finally the truth.but in tellyreview they said in the remarriage of perm and simar vikrant will become new villan and kidnap simar by making all of them fall by smoke even perm will fall unconious than who will be the new character who kidnap perm now.that do a lady if not pari and surbhi than who.

  8. how you are people supporting roli and bhardhwaj family prem married simar
    is they thought simar was wrong they send her out and prem put sindoor to
    surbi no she is wrong they are send her out what is the value they gave our
    marriage rituals like sindoor,mangalsutra etc., they thought they can put
    sindoor to any girl if they felt that they were wrong they will send them out
    at the time prem get engaged with surbi rolli came to know the truth that simar is alive why does not she said that to the family she only selfishly
    thought of herself because she told that vikranth might be create problem she may be go to jail she does not thought about surbi’s feeling every girl have
    their own dreams about their marriage rolli ruin surbi’s dream but you were people supporting to rolli because she is lead character

  9. Thank god Surbi is exposed, now let’s see how Simar gets back to her true love 🙂

  10. Finally they all no the truth 🙂 and let simar and prem have a new life and let no one wrek it

  11. This show is geting boring whoever the writter is he/she should stop this noncence of making gud ppo bad just to make the show going.ssk has always been my favourate but now i just watch and read the updates if i have nothing to do.and yes what was al that about simar geting mad at vikrant just because he loves her doesnt the poor guy aloud to love her?or just because she is the main actor of the show sh is unlovable with other actor of the show other than that gud for nothing husband of hers?oh my godnes how did this show turn out to be this boring

  12. boring show

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