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Sasural Simar Ka 6th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Climax Ka Shukrvaar continued

Prerna comes, Chanda says what is she doing here? Mataji says you are either to brave or too coward that you have come back. Prerna says I have come back because I am innocent. I was brought here with a mission to kill mata ji. But when I said no, I was trapped. Sid says you think we will trust you? Who can dare planning mata ji’s murder. Mata ji says speak up. Who dared that? Tell me the name. Who sent you here? Prerna says the same who brought me here. Sid says chanda? Prerna says you are right. Sid says chanda wants to kill mata ji? Mataji says are you out of your mind?She is our daughter in law to be. You have proved that you are not brave you are coward. Prerna says time will tell. When chanda will be successful in her mission, you would be

in your funeral. Sid says hey.
Mind your language. Mataji says let her speak. Prerna says she could take me to her home but she brought me here.

Chakoos is eating spices and tears spill down her eyes. Mai comes and says what happened? Chakor says nothing. Mai says you are thinking about vivaan? He should not have done this. Anyway eat this food. Chakor says I am full I don’t want to. She cleans her hands. Mai says chakor is so upset.She sits with chakor and says are you okay?Chakor says i am fine. She says you are life of whole village they laugh and cry with you. You are really worried? Come let me massage your hair. She massages chakor’s hair. mai says you can’t fight everyone. You have to decided. Chakors says every fight is more important. Mai says then decide which one first. Vivan is your friend. Do something that makes him happy and there is no enmity between you two? Chakor says you think thats possible? She says my chakor can make impossible possible.She sings her lullaby. Chakor falls asleep.
Chakor recalls fight with Vivaan. Chakor says how can I fix my friendship with vivaan.

Amar says mataji has asked me to take you.Prem says who is that girl because of whom I have to run. Amar says you will get married in 4 days. Everything will be okay.
Simar is following prem’ car. She recalls call from prerna.Prerna says I am fine. I can’t leave you alone. Leave all that and listen, I am going to mata ji’s house. Simar says no please. Prerna says that would distract maani.I will fail brakes of mataji’s car and blame it on maani. I will confuse her in her own story.

Udaan: Chakor comes havit. Kamalnarayan’s servant comes and tells him that chakkor has come. He says let me see how she meets him.

Thapki: Chutki and badki collide with each other.They ask each other what are you doing here? Chutki says I cam to see if bihan attacked babu ji or not. Badki says I was doing the same. Chukti says lets do this together. Lets do it together. They act as bihaan and babuji. Badki says bihaan must have been mad and babuji must have stopped him. Bihaan said you can’t stop me. He must have stabbed babu ji. Chutki says don’t stab me in real.

SSK: Prerna says she brought me here with a mission. She wanted you to die. Mataji says then why you ran and why came back? Prerna says I was brought here I was told something else but they wanted to kill you so I stepped back. I am danger for them so they trap me and provoke you to kill me. That is why I ran. but I can’t run from them always only you can save me from them. That is why I came back to you.Sid says all proofs are against her. Prerna says I can give you proofs too.

Next part in udaan’s update.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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