Sasural Simar Ka 6th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 6th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
maani says now you will see me killing your simar. Mata ji slaps her hard. Maani says how dare you and is about to slap mata ji back. Prerna comes and holds her hand. Prerna slaps her again and how dare you. Mata ji says I swear if you even try to harm simar I won’t let you stand on this planet. Do you understand or I should make you understand better? Maani says time will tell.
Mata ji says that maani will try again. Simar says tell her I don’t have time.Prerna says a bee has a very small age. Simar hardly has one week. Mata ji says no I won’t let you leave like this. How will I save my family and you. Simar says we have to separate them both. Prerna says how will we do that?

Mata ji says to Prem I am worried about simar. The way she reacted on sid’s

wedding. It felt like she was someone else. Prem says what you mean? Mataji says I talked to simar’s mom she told me her dad is not well. This is all bothering simar. Prem says you are right. she looks changed. Prem says i was thinking what should we do? Mata ji says yes there is one solution. We should send simar to her parents for some days. Prem says you are right. Mata ji says you should ask him. Prem says okay. I will send her there. Simar(bee) says thank God.
prerna and mata ji smile. Mataji says when prem asks her to go she won’t be able to say no. Prerna says yes she can’t take a risk atm.

Maani tells Fake simar about it. Fake simar says should I say no? Maani says no he will doubt you. you should go. Maani says simar has to die. Fake simar says mata ji and prerna are protecting her. Maani says we don’t have to find her. She is always near mata ji and prerna and we will know where she is. We will know what to do with her. If I read this mantra I can control that bee. then I can make her do whatever I want. Fake simar says once she is dead I will have simar’s life forever. Maani says yes. Go to your parents. I will get you this.

Mataji says I am glad you’re going from here simar. Your mom needs you. She will feel better. It will be good for you and us. Prerna says don’t worry about here. I am back I will fix everything. FAke simar leaves.
mataji says lets have meal everyone. Simar(bee) is in the room. Maani reads the mantra. Simar says what is happening why am I moving towards the fire myself. Simar stops herself. Prerna comes and saves simar. A cat comes in the house. Maani says this prerna how she came here. Anyway, you saved yourself simar but for how long? Because my weapon is this mantra and I have it. i can control you anyday.
Simar says I was so scared prerna. nothing was in my control. Prerna says how is it possible. Simar says I don’t know how it was happening. Prerna says what can it be. Prerna says what power can it be.

Precap-Prerna says where is she gone? Maani says Prerna says I am after you for no reason. The real brain is of that simar. so I am thinking why shouldn’t I go and kill simar. Maani sprays near simar.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. yeh makki wala track bus karo yaar!too boring! pls change the track! this serial is full of bakwaas!
    naagin serial is also like this.but the show is interesting! full of suspense! but yeh simar???the show is trying to run for a long time like balika vadhu.

  2. Change the track.. It’s boring.. Want Prem Simar love track.. This makkhi is unbelievable

  3. F dis

  4. kya bakwaas show h ye director , writer r star cast ko sharam se mar jana chahiye . jiyni galiyan do kam h

  5. First naagin then chudel then dayaans then punarjanam then patali then saitaan then bhoot pret choti dulhan now this chandramani n next suryamani then alien… wat nonsense!!! Is this RESHMI SINGH AN INSANE????

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