Sasural Simar Ka 6th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 6th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kamiya dresses Simar’s cut. She hides the thread. Simar opens her eyes and says where is that thread? Kamiya says here it is. She has exchanged it. kamiya makes her wear it. She says in heart this thread is made of witch hairs. Kaal would be so happy.
Mataji says in temple I don’t feel good. Simar is going to be a mom I should be rather happy. i feel like something bad is gonna happen. Please help me.
Sid and Prerna come home. Prerna says everyone is asleep you should sleep too. Sid says you didn’t tell anyone? Prerna says no. He says thanks everyone is already worried. Prerna says how did it catch fire? Sid says I am wondering that too. We won’t get a new contract. Sid says thank you, if you weren’t there I would have to sleep in a jail. Prerna

says when I am there.. I am when you have me as a friend nothing would happen to you. what else are friends for? Mataji has overheard their conversation. Mataji says what is happening God.

Prem and Simar are asleep. Simar wakes up and walks downstairs. She takes out a fish from aquarium and eats it live. Kamiya says in heart simar didn’t want to eat fruits because kaal wanted to eat this. Kamiya says mata ji coming. Kamiya says mataji why aren’t you asleep? Mataji says I wanted to check if simar’s okay. Kamiya says I checked her she is sleeping. We shouldn’t go again and again. She would be disturbed. Let me take you to your room. Mataji goes in her room. Kamiya says before someone sees simar here i should take her from here. Simar goes upstairs and sleeps.
Mataji is worried she says I wish morning in seen and I go to pandit ji.

Next morning, Prem says I will make this sweater for my daughter. Simar says it can be a son. He says no I was a daughter. Simar snatches pin from him. his finger bleeds. Simar sucks his finger. Prem says simar I am okay. Kamiya says leave his finger simar he is okay. Kamiya says in heart Kaal has tasted blood I should be careful.
Mataji comes in. Simar says to Prem be careful now. Simar says mataji you look worried. Mataji says there had been bad things happening in our family. I went to meet pandit mishra. He said simar’s to be born child will be an eclipse for our family. Everyone is dazed. simar says my child. Kamiya says mataji what are you saying. Children are good for everyone. Mataji says pandit mishra have been with us for so long. He is not an ordinary pandit. Prem says also he said simar can never become wrong. Simar says if mataji is saying there must be a reason. Simar says if he has said that he must have told a solution too. Mataji says he has asked us to do something. Simar says I am ready. Mataji says he said only people from our family can sit in this. Prerna says I have no problem with that and I am sure kamiyaa won’t have a problem either. Mataji says lets began preps Karuna.
Prerna says lets go Kamiya. Kamiya and prerna go out.
Everyone prepares for the havan.
Kamiya closes her eyes and says maa can you hear me? Prerna says whom are you talking to? Kamiya says I talk to myself sometimes. Kamiya says I am going for shopping. Kamoya says I am going to a friend.
Pandit gives Simar a mantra and says read it. Simar reads it.
Kamiya comes to her mom and tells her everything. Mahmaya says we have to stop them or that pooja will kill all evil powers of our kaal.

Precap-On TV they all see the news that some poeple have been arrested from hotel. They say its sid and prerna. Mahmaya says to Simar now if you don’t give birth to our kal you will never have prem. Kamiya says prem is now mine. Simar is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Worst worst worst. …irritating serial hate u cvs. ..oh sid

  2. I can’t understand wats going on…bt as per wu…wat I understud is…CVS got cheepest trick to push prerna on sid…wahva superb…Im nt getting wrds…I can’t understand hw to thank u…thank u fr making my sid as cheepest char who always behind other girls…tq fr making my sid to move on with in fees of his life his wife death…n last …I never thought it vl happen…tq fr making me hate my sid…

  3. why do prena have to be partnerd with sid plz 100 times leave sid alone he is only rolis and will be rolis

  4. Why watching it if u fill prema is not good enough for sid. Stop watchin and leave presid alon, roli decide to quit the show. So how do u want ctv to do, her place must be given to some one els prema is trying her best u guys should let her be. Sid is already faln in love with her roli is his pass. if u dont want this stop watching. After all its just acting.

  5. Lol no body r dying to watch this serial..n rosidians never dare to watch this crap..n abt a loyal fans of this crap once upon a tym only becz of rosid..v have all rights to cmnt here to let out frustration…v r d one who watched ssk in all odds fr rosid..n I’m nt against sid moving on…bt the way cvs showing his char has no sense…this can b known who knows sid luv twrds roli…CVS showing sid frgt roli with in fw months…its undigestable..n people also can’t able to accept..its clearly shown in day by day dec in trp .wat ever roli’s sid died fr us..waiting fr DAT day..ssk end

  6. Pls ABG One kindly request dnt said presid…it is suitable for only rosid forever…s cvs make jodi for sid…but v didn’t accept tat…so v always opposed tis and give comments as per our wish…

  7. Offtrall v do comments against for make sid jodi…bcuse cvs didn’t hear our rosidians request…so v do comments only for our satisfaction…v always against tis sid and prena jodi….and v always comments against regarding tis…

  8. Arey vaishnavi. Just chill ..they have no knowledge on ssk n ssk pairs…presid means its ship name fr our prem n sid..not fr so called new pair

  9. yes Vardhini your right dear presid only siddhant and prem only

  10. Ssk is lovely serial

  11. Will u stop this rubbish irritating serial. Most waste serial

  12. Bad episode

  13. 7th nd 8th ke episode bhi upload karo

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