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Sasural Simar Ka 6th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
simar says i will accept whatever mata ji decided for me. simar goes upstairs. Sid says to prem dont make it so complicated prem. Look time will get things better, we dont have to make a fuss of it. apologize and let it go. prem says you think sanju is lost because of me? sid says its neither of your mistake. prem says i know where is this relation going now, after what sima said. sid says that doesn’t mean you can end the relation, you have to go in. i wont let you go out. prem goes in anger.

Simar comes in her room and recalls prem talking about divorce. She sees anjali crying in sleep and saying sanju’s name. Simar sits with her she says nothing happened. sleep. anajali sleeps simar looks at her sindur and recalls when prem put it in her hairline in dharampura.

She holds her welocket and recalls them promising each other. mata ji comes in her room, simar says mata ji dont be upset, i know my responsibilities. I will never disappoint you. Life keeps testing us unless we actually win. God tests your relations, mata ji kisses her forehead and says your values are my pride simar. but i am worried for prem, i dont know what is in his heart. i don’t know whats written in his fate, simar is dazed to hear this.

Roli is sitting in tears sid comes and swipes her tears. she says i dont know how to make them one. She says what should i say, i feel helpless. Sid says we will make them one. Promise me you will help him? Roli nods.
simar recalls how they took sanjina from her. roli comes in and says i know what you are going through but you have to stay strong. Simar says how can i? We dont know where she is and look at prem. roli says i know its not easy but its about sanju you both have to become one to bring her back. i know if her parents look for her together we will find her.

sid asks everyone to come in the hall? Simar says did you get to know anything about sanju?Sid says yes. Simar says where is she? Sid says amar has been looking for her. He has got to know that sanjina was seen near highway, he is reaching there. Prem says we should leave right now. mata ji says i am coming as well. rajhiner says no you stay home. roli says in heart we should send simar and prem together, i should stop everyone else. roli screams and says i got my ankle sprained. She says i cant come. Sid says yes prem simar you should leave, we are coming in another car. simar leaves, prem says i am coming to save our daughter as well simar. simar nods, they leaves together. Prem and simar sit in the car, prem says simar we have to reach there asap.

Sid says to roli what drama is this? she says i wanted them to go together, i will stay here you should go. They all leave. mata ji says what was that roli? roli says sorry i had to do this, for their relation. They should think more like sanju’s parents and they have to stay together. mata ji says stay happy. They all pray in the temple.
Simar says to prem you go highway often you must know short cuts. He says i was thinking same, this left one is a short cut, simar says hurry up then. sid and rest take the other way. prem says in heart i considered her my daughter i will do anything to bring her back, simar says i wont go without my daughter.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i like today episode , specially simar and roli acting .

  2. ssk spoiler of week: simar has come to the place where sanjana was kept hostage. simar reaches the place and beats the goons, when simar turns weak and loses the fight, prem come to her rescue and saves simar and sanjana. siddhanth brings the police and gets the goons arrested. prem apolizes to simar and asks for her hand. roli and siddhanth ask her to forgive prem. simar forgive’s prem’s mistake and has united with him again. roli and sidanth gets happy to see them united, as the knew simar and prem can’t live without each other. roli gets an idea to make prem and simar marry again. she tells her idea to everyone. mataji gets happy and gives her approval. roli and siddhanth will be performing in prem and simar’s marriage.

  3. OMG….how many times they will marry same person????.but good to see premar reunite.and nice episode…ssk writers plzzz create some rosid scenes…

  4. Really it’s over yaar.. Simar me itna prem ko insult kiya .. Waise bhi prem deserves tat but phir bhi agar simar thoda pahle hi thoda com react karthi the tho it will look good… Seeing spoiler I thought simar ne bohut jaldi prem ko maaf kardiya.. Anyways happy for premar reunion

  5. roli ka plan accha hai aaj rosid and rosim scene is good… want more rosid scences..

  6. roli ka nautanki is super

  7. Ya s and san roli ka nautanki accha taa and wen will tat witch episode begins guys i have a doubt she love Prem after tis or before some days?????

  8. For roli they bought veetu and for simar vikranth Sid ko nehna and nw its turn for Prem…..?

    1. For prem pari’s sister came na!! God forgot her name!!

    2. Ya got it!! Surbhi!!!!!!

  9. In rosid room there are many pic of roli-Sid na do u know in which episode it came???????

  10. Rock Roli

  11. friends watch avika gor 3rd telugu movie CINEMA CHUPISTA MAMA audio on maa music and vanitha tv….now that movie audio launch is running……fast

  12. Gud.Bt rosid baby plz.

  13. Gud.Bt wanna see rosid baby plz.

  14. Hi akshu rosid two more pictures r frm naina episode roli present it 2 sid and i think other picts frm roli dead scene tat veeru episode…

    1. and during about karvachauth festival scene photos also there

  15. Oh thanq dear so sweet of u vaishnavi….

  16. welcome…akshu v r all rosid fans la…

  17. avika’s 3rd movie cinema chupista mava songs are really super.. waiting for movie release.

  18. prathyusha opposite to alan kapoor in ssk::
    as per source prathyusha will seen in ssk essaying of the role of devayani/mohini who has come in the bw house along with her mother as paying guest. she will share her story with bw family members and will tell them that her life is threatened and so she needs to a place to hide herself.
    later she will fall in love with amar but at the end, her true colours will revelead as witch will be shown. the actress has already started shooting for her role she will be seen in the show quite a long time.

  19. really dont know this in one article gave that she comes in premar life as she fall for prem. in one gave fall for amar.. which is correct dont know but i think she creates more problems in premar and rosid life… eventhough by this article if its true so she will fall for amar means some what good but dont know what is going to happen as its ssk…

  20. Guyz….if any1 of u could tel me where did maya went..??

  21. OMG Again marriage….. but rosid always rockzz

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