Sasural Simar Ka 6th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 6th July 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 6th July 2013 Written Update

Mataji comes to Roli’s room and then realizes that Simar said she will come in the evening. She’s leaving, and then sees a paper on the floor. She picks it up and it’s Jhumki’s letter. Simar comes to the room and sees it in Mataji’s hand. She remembers it’s same letter which Jhumki wrote and she threw away when Sujata came earlier. Before Mataji reads it, Simar runs and takes it away from her. She tells Mataji, what are you doing here? Doctor asked you to rest. Mataji says, I am absolutely fine, I came to meet Roli. Simar says, yes you are fine, but let doctor say that, then we won’t stop you from doing anything. Simar takes mataji to her room saying she wants to talk about wedding planning.

Sid is still trying to call Jhumki, but her phone is off. He wonders if she

doesn’t come back by the evening then what they will say to mataji. He remembers school’s name where Prem did Bantu’s admission and calls there. He asks if Jhumki came there to drop Bantu. They say no. Simar and Prem come. Simar tells him, I also called there but Jhumki didn’t go there. Sujata comes and asks everyone to come down as the priest has arrived.

In the hall, mataji asks the priest to tell them a good date for marriage. Simar, Sid, Prem come down. The priest gives a date thats in a month time. They fix that date and everyone is happy. Mataji just awaits to hear yes from Roli now. Mataji asks Sujata and mausiji to start preparations. On a side, Simar tells Prem and Sid, I am afraid seeing mataji this happy. We shouldn’t delay in telling truth to her because more we delay, harder it will be for her to accept it. Simar tells mataji, I have been trying to call Roli, but no luck. Mataj gets worried and asks her and Sid, how can they let Roli go when they know she lost her memory. Simar tries to tell the truth, but sees a smile on mataji’s face. She turns back and finds Jhumki there. Jhumki tells mataji that she is ready for the marriage. Everyone, who doesn’t know her truth, are happy. Mataji says, I knew it my Roli will listen to me. Sujata informs Jhumki that they already fixed the date. Mataji is even more excited now. Mausiji tells mataji, she came from far, let her rest and you rest as well. Mataji tells Roli to go and rest. Simar, Prem and Sid are confused.

Simar comes to Jhumki’s room. She asks her, what’s going on? You first left from here, and then suddenly came back and said yes for the marriage. Jhumki says, I wanted to go far away from here, but…. I started missing you all and thought about mataji’s health so came back. You all taught me how to live and I can’t see you all in trouble. Simar is happy and says, people should learn from you how to make others happy. It’s not easy to let your dreams go and help others. Jhumki’s phone rings and she gets lost in thoughts. Simar tells her, your phone is ringing. Jhumki disconnects. Uma comes and tells them to come to the hall. Simar tells Jhumki to get ready and come down. Simar and Uma leave. Jhumki looks at her phone and seems sad.

Mataji and family is checking out jewelries. Jhumki comes down and joins them. Mataji asks her to sit beside her and select whatever she likes. Jhumki receives a call and again seems tensed. She disconnects. All ladies are showing her jewelries of their choice and ask her to try them out. Jhumki just gives them a smile as she is nervous looking at phone. She then leaves from there telling mataji, I will be right back. Simar feels Jhumki said yes for the marriage because of some pressure.

Precap: Sid tells Jhumki not to expect anything from their marriage. Jhumki says, I know how much you love Roli, so don’t worry.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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