Sasural Simar Ka 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 6th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piyush comes in room, Roshini is there, Piyush glares at her, he closes door, Roshini gets tensed, Piyush says Maa asked me to talk to you, she thought you would be upset, i dont care if you felt bad or not, just tell Maa that you are fine, Roshini says please.. Piyush says dont do this drama, and tell your mother to not insult my mother like that again, i was silent today but i wont bear it next time. He shows her heart shaped locket which have his and Vaibhavi’s photo, he says you have problem with this locket right? he puts locket on mirror frame and says this locket will remain here everyday, you will have to look at it everyday to know what your value is in my life, he leaves, Roshini looks at locket with hurt.
Simar comes in Anjali’s room and says she is

not here? where did she go? Saroj comes there and says Anjali left house and told me she will comeback in an hour, Simar asks if she told where she is going? Saroj says no, Simar says let me call her, Saroj thinks that Simar should get through Anjali.
Estate agent to Anjali that you have decided to do good thing, buy this flat, sign these papers and it will be yours. Simar calls Anjali, Anjali thinks what i will i say to her? Agent says first sign then take call, Anjali says let me read them first. Agent says dont you trust me? my paperwork is perfectly done, Anjali recalls Simar’s words that woman’s biggest asset is her family.
Simar says to Saroj that Anjali is not taking call, Saroj says she must be driving back, she will come soon, Simar nods and leaves. Saroj says she will sign papers and i will win.
Simar sees time and says where did this girl go? Vikram comes there. Vikram says to Simar that you seem worried, Simar says its nothing. Saroj comes there and asks where are you taking dad? Vikram says i am taking him out for walk, Saroj says that comeback soon, Anjali is going to surprise you, he asks what? She says let Anjali come then you will know, he leaves. Saroj says to Simar that Vikram will be so happy when he knows what Anjali did for him.
Anjali says to estate agent that i am still confused about selling this property, can you give me more time? agent that you have to either to this now or never, we have many clients waiting, Anjali gets call but agent asks her to sign papers first then take call. Anjali takes pen, she is still not fully ready, she is about to sign papers but sees Simar calling her, she looks at papers.
Saroj says soon i will win, soon my son will be free of that girl’s trap, she stand in mandir and waits.
Simar and Prem are waiting for Anjali. Saroj says Anjali hasnt come till now? Vikram must be coming. Anjali comes there, she looks at everyone, she is dizzy and falls on floor, Simar and Prem runs to her, Simar asks what happened? Simar and Prem takes her inside house.
All are in hall, Simar is tending to Anjali’s wounds and crying. Vikram comes there and sees Anjali injured, he is shocked and runs to her, he asks what happened? how did you get hurt? Anjali cries and says i am very sorry, Vikram asks what happened? Anjali says forgive me, Simar says tell me what happened? Anjali says i got 25lacs and went to buy flat from it by help of estate agent but i changed my decision at last moment. Flashback shows estate agent that i dont want to this deal, i dont want your flat, agent says i will bargain, Anjali says nothing is more important than my husband, she takes money and leaves, fb ends. Anjali says believe me Vikram, i was bring money home to you but incident happened with me. Flashback shows Anjali comes out of estate agency, thieves come there and try to steal her money bag, she says leave my bag and tries to fight them, thief brings out knife and hits her arm with it, Anjali screams and gives away bag, thief says on call that i did work, they leave with her money, fb ends. Anjali says i tried to save my money, i wanted to give it you but i couldnt save it. Saroj smirks and recalls flashback, Agent calls saroj and says Anjali left without signing papers, she didnt agree, Saroj says stop her before she leaves, i will handle it, fb ends. Saroj thinks that i stole money of Anjali because i cant let her win at any cost. Anjali cries and says sorry Vikram, Vikram says no, you sold your property for my dad? i cant tell you how.. Saroj says dont come in trap of her words, she is doing acting, Simar says what are you saying? Saroj says she is selfish, she went to buy flat with money which could have helped to get Sanjeev treated, Simar says not Anjali is liar everytime, give her chance, Saroj says i gave you chance but you lost it, see all apples are stale and you have lost your bet, Simar says no.. Vikram asks what is this bet? Soraj says Simar begged me to give one chance to her daughter so i gave her condition that before all apples in mandir get stale, Simar has to prove that her daughter has all abilities to become good daughter in law, flashback shows everything happening last days, Saroj says last bet was that if Anjali can give up her happiness for her family and Anjali lost that bet and as per condition of it, our and Anjali’s relation is finished from today, all are shocked. Saroj says Anjali and Vikram’s relation is finished, she is not Vikram’s wife not my daughter in law anymore, she has to separate from Vikram, Anjali cries hearing it, Anjali begs Saroj and says i was bringing money home to Vikram, i didnt do anything deliberately, you have seen my passion and trust, Saroj’s husband tries to stand up for anjali but Saroj says i know her true intentions well. Anjali says to Sanjeev that you are my friend now, i take care of you, tell Saroj that i am not like what she thinks, i serve you from heart, say anything. Anjali begs to Saroj that i was wrong in past, you are right but i have changed, Simar made me understand that love is above everything and when you sacrifice things for lvoe, it comes to back to you, Anjali says believe me, i love my family a lot, i can give life for my family, Saroj says enough of your drama, this love of yours is fake, girl like you can only take lives, Anjali cries and says no. Vikram says what are you saying Saroj aunty? Saroj says i will show you truth now, Saroj shows video in which Anjali is shown putting tape on Sanjeev’s mouth, all are shocked to see it.

PRECAP- Anjali says to Vikram that Simar made me understand that love is only way to reach your heart and i understood it, Vikram slaps her, Anjali falls on floor, Prem shouts Vikram.. Vikram says to Anjali that i am tired of hearing your lies, if you cant become daughter in law of my family and Saroj then i wont ever accept you as my wife. Anjali is broken hearing it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Saroj turned out to be the most horrible out of the lot! First, she tried to influence Anjali, then told goons to steal the money and threaten to stab her and now she has exposed that video to everyone!

  2. Anjali is changing. She has changed from heart and she is listening to Simar now. This all happened after Khushi left. Previously Anjali was negative and was harming Saroj and now it is opposite. Now Saroj is negative and Anjali is becoming positive. My question is whether Anjali actually put tape on Sanjeev’s mouth or not?

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