Sasural Simar Ka 6th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 6th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mata ji says this is beyond our control Jhanvi. We don’t know what to do now.
Mata ji says we can’t stop this. Prem says what should we do? Mata ji says sid call Pandit ji.
Pandit ji checks Simar and says what jhanvi’s knowledge says, is the same my knowledge says. roli says what you mean? He says its too late. Simar’s soul has left her body long ago. Everyone is dazed. They this is just body simar is dead. Mata ji says no Mata rani you can’t do this. You can’t take my Simar from me. Roli says didi open your eyes. She is crying. Prem tells oandit ji about the idol. He says there must be a way for bring her back. Pandit says we can’t fight nature. Her soul left long ago. Its useless now. They are all crying.

Patali says

you death has brought you to patal lok. Get ready to die simar. Simar says help me mata rani. Suddenly everything turns dark in patal lok. Patali laughs. Simar hides. Patali says you can’t find your seeds in dark. And I will find you anyway. I will come back with my powers. Simar says this is so dark, how will I look for devika. Simar sees devika. The throne lightens. Devika says I am grateful to you. You have to sit on this throne. SImar says this is your throne. How can I sit on it. Devika says before evil powers sit on it, you should. Simar says why aren’t you sitting. patali says because I have to go and kill gaitri. It is not that easy. You have to stay here and find those seeds. She says we are close to our destinations. Please sit on my throne. Simar sits on the throne.

They cover simar’s body in white. Everyone is crying. Roli says please didi. Pandit ji says we should do her funerals. We shouldn’t keep her in home.
In Patal lok, simar sits on the throne. Everything lightens. simar turns into yellow attire of patali devi. Everyone is crying. Pandit ji says we have to do her funerla. Mata ji says no this is not possible. I won’t let simar go anywhere. Pandit ji says what wont change the truth. AMar says in heart simar’s soul is in patal lok, if they burn her body how will she come back. Mata ji sits with simar. She says you are right pandiit ji, we have to do this. Amar and jhanvi are shocked.

Everyone is patal lok is free. An old man and woman says we are free. Lets go to temple. Our real patali devi is back. All people come to temple. The man says we knew our real patali devi would come back to save us. A woman says nothing would be okay. She says how can you trust that this is real patali devi? Another woman says can’t you see everything in patal lok has changed. The mans says only real patali devi can do this. The woman says in heart I am only follower of my real devi. I wont let this happen. She says this patali devi said jai matadi. She follows mata rani. Another man says she is right. This is not real patali dev.

Pandit says we will do simar’s funeral near 7am. Amar says in heart I have to stop this. Amar says whatever you think is right. Let me know if you need something. Jhanvi wonders why is he saying that. Jhanvi says we can’t keep the body in house for long. A black shadow comes near amar and jhanvi. It says you wont tell them truth. SImar will be brunt. Simar took my patali’s palace. I will take her body from her soul. Her soul will be brunt.

Precap-Jhanvi says amar we don’t have time. Amar says we have to conceal simar’s body. tHey go to her room and take the body out. Prem feels like someone is in the room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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