Sasural Simar Ka 6th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 6th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roli says who is this man why i see him in my memory. her head hurts. She looks at sid ad says is he the one? roli goes towards sid. mata ji and simar are shocked to see him coming there. She places her hand on sid’s shoulder. he turns her side and she hugs him. Sid and everyone is shocked. sid shoves her. He is about to slap her. mata ji says sid what are you doing? He stops. sid says what you did? what were you trying to prove? she is in tears. siamr says mata ji i dont think she remembers everything by now. sid says why are you quite? don’t you feel ashamed. Roli says i dont know. He says you hugged a stranger and saying you don’t know. we are strangers. he says mata ji you wanted her to live here, see what she is doing. What you thought this will get

you a place in my house? Simar says please stop him mata ji. Mata ji says this our test. We are helpless until everything is okay.

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Sid says i understand you very well, i know your intentions. roli says stop it. i am saying i don’t know anything. I don’t know who am i? i don’t know why i hugged you. i saw you and felt like i know you.She swipes her tears. she says trust me i don’t know anything. mata ji says she only saw sid’s face. simar says mata ji she is not well. She should not force her mind. should i take her to my room. Shushma says shurti come here. what are you people doing to my daughter. she is not well. Shruti says i dont know who you are. Everyone is dazed. simar says she is recalling everything.

FAke roli opens her eyes and starts crying. prem says you are shurti and they are your parents. shurti says parents? jatin says i told you she is not well? if you dont trust me i will prove you. mata ji says this is our home problem we will handle it. jatin says i will bring proofs. mata ji says what are you thinking?simar says another lie? mara ji says the one who used to protect your lies is not in this world.

Fake roli screams with pain, she stands up with a tree. Jarin says when she was young she fell ill. She had jaundice. she forgets everything. she doesn’t even recognize us. here are her reports. that powder suits her, it was over last night so she behaved like that. mata ji says to simar lets see how much they can lie, sid says the reports are right mata ji. simar says write the name of powder we will bring it. jatin says we will take her there. simar says she is not well. why dont you two go, i will take her to my room she will rest there. mata ji says this is right.

pari says where is roli? she has not been out for so long. prem says i am calling inspector. Sid says i am going to look for her. Simar takes shurti’s hand and takes her to her room. fake roli says i made a mistake by trusting you. you took advantage of my love, i gave you so many chances, you tries to kill me. I am part of that house now. no one can part me from that. its time for revenge.

Precap-prem says where is roli simar? simar says why are you asking me? sid says because cops told me she met an accident and it was your car.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hate u sid u tryed to slap roli hate u hate u

    when will my rosid will come together

  2. wow really nice episode. Usually in this serial the writer drags the story too much. But in this case everything is happening one by one in favour of simar and mataji. Anyways good going. Now lets see whats the revenge of fake roli

  3. Please don’t drag the story. Then we all fed up with it.sid will feel bad for this attitude towards roli. Hopefully in the upcoming episode both roli will meet together then nly the real roli will come back to her memory . Then as usual both the sisters will join hands and end this fake roli drama. But we are waiting to see Rosid scenes soon

  4. its going interesting.

  5. dis fake roli is again creating a big drama yaar…. Hate u sid, atleast u could have felt something whn roli hugged u….

  6. how dare u dare u raise ur hand to our roli.i just hate u sid.just wait sid when the truth out and roli got her memory then c wt happens.we want our roli and sid together.wt u did today sid we just hate u very very very much.and one more thing cant u c wt is truth is.agar roli is really missing then the first person who start to search roli is only her sis simar.when simar is standing simply then y dont understand ki that fake one is nt ur roli sid.sudhthar jao sid.

  7. y did the evil woman still alive????????i hate a lot…is simar tellthe truth tomorow episode or not??????

  8. Waiting for fake roli end

  9. Have to wait 10 more days I think. Hope in between sid at least will make an attempt to recognise his real roli

  10. yup it will take 2 weeks later fake roli will be out..
    till dn dis shit has to be seen by viewers

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