Sasural Simar Ka 6th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 6th February 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 6th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Mata ji says to Jahnvi that God is the one to give life. Who are we to deny that ? She hugs her and says congratulations. Sujata says why are you sad? You must be happy we are all with you. Sid says we are all going to be uncle. Stay blessed. Everyone congratulates her. Mata ji says to Sonia, i want this wedding to be as soon as possible. I know you must be having a lot of dream like every girl. It will be like you want. Sonia says all i need is prayers. Sankal says yes mata ji simplicity is better. Mata ji says my happiness is in what you both like. We will start the preparations from tomorrow and all the rituals. And wedding after one day. Sonia says what rituals ? We need family for that ? I don’t have family. Mata ji says there is just difference of one day.

Then you will be part of our family and we will celebrate all the rituals together.

Scene 2
Mata ji says how will the preparations be done ? SAtu comes in and says everything will be done. Everyone is so happy. He meets everyone. Satu says papa will call the relatives and me and shalu will call friends. Sujata says this is the real bharadwaj house with all these happiness. Sujata says yes. Simar says but sonia’s house must be silent. She has no one. Roli says I have an idea for her.

Scene 3
Rani thanks God that thank God bharadwajs have left. Who will sonia from her now ? She takes out and injection, fills it. She says now your story has ended. Rani enters Sonia’s room with the injection. Sonia working on her laptop. She is about to inject but then she hide. Sonia checks in the room. Rani is feared. Sonua gets out of the room. Roli and Sid come to the house. Sid and roli have brought her a present. She is so happy. She hugs Roli. Rani thinks roli has seen her injection. Roli says come here rani why are you there ? Sid says we will attend the wedding from sonia’s side. We will stay here until he wedding. She says rani will you help in doing the preparations ? Rani says yes i could make meal for whole village in just a few hours. i will make all the arrangements. I will make this wedding memorable for everyone. Sonia says its too late. Let go to the rooms.
Rani looks for the injections but can’t find it.

scene 4
Mata ji is so busy in doing the arrangements. Simar says we have done it all. Karuna is so worried about all the set up. She says I want everything to be perfect. Simar says we are here to work for you. Jahnvi comes downstairs. She says I was bored so thought in should help you all. Sujata says you need to do rest. These months are crucial for you. Mausi ji says its the chance. Everyone will work and you will sit. When i was pregnant I did nothing. Jahnvi is a little frustrated. Mata ji says don’t be stubborn. She leaves in anger. Simar says Jahnvi is going through such a bad time. Hope she doesn’t take any wrong step now.

Precap- Roli and Simar are dancing on the song, ‘radha’.Rani has mixed something in the juice and gives it to sonia. She drinks it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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