Sasural Simar Ka 6th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 6th February 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 6th February 2013 Written Update

masi says we have to get the whole property in roli’s name. We need to find a way that snake dies and we dont break the stick as well. and simar says there is one way…Roli will get married to Veeru tomorrow and Roli and masi shocked. and simar says there will be a condition that the marriage will happen only if veeru gives all property in the name of roli and if the property is in roli’s name then there will be no marriage. and masi says excellent idea. and roli agrees. Roli thinks i need to think how shall i make veeru agree to this.

Veeru is ringing a bell at chadda’s house but he doesnt open and veeru walks into the room with all rose petals and candle lit..and he thinks he is in the wrong house…and turns to leave and he sees khushi dressed in western outfit

closing the door.

Roli is thinking if veeru shouldnt be suspicious of me when i talk about tranfering the property papers. i have to trade carefully. and if he agrees then our property will be with us and veeru out of this house. she goes in veeru’s room looking for him but he is not there.

Veeru says khushi u here…and khuhsi syas what can i do…in order to talk to u i needed chadda.!! as u dont trust ur billo rani anymore. and veeru says what drama is this and she says this is no drama. this is love. and veeru pushes her…and she starts seducing him and dancing. (WASTE OF TIME)!!!
but veeru pushes her away when she trys to kiss him and says are u done!! stop this drama!! and khushi says DRAMA!!! these same things u use to love in me…and veeru says times have changed…and its different. and khuhshi says one min..what is so different now!! and she says tell me that u r done with me. I was with us thru thick n thin. I called u into the bhardwaj house…and you betryaed me for that ROLI!!! veeru listen to me carefully…that roli is using u against me. she doesnt love you…she is doing drama. Veeru says SHUT UP!!! ur thinking is just like u. small and bad. just cause u betray ppl doesnt mean ppl in the world are like u too. u have so much property and i asked one shop and still u did so much drama. its about love. ROLI loves me. and that too a true one…and she has proved herself on every step. so my dear billo now this love is going to be official. I am getting married. and KHUSHI IS SHOCKED!!! and she says WHAT!?? MARRIAGE!! and verru says I M MARRYING ROLI!! what happened. u cant believe. come to the wedding…u can come from boy’s side..and then u can dance over there in my baraat. and he leaves from there…and khuhsi standing there all shocked!!

Naina is having flashbacks of sid telling her to tell her about her feelings to the boy in the party. open ur hair…and always smile. this evening wear a sari!! and naina goes shopping. and picks a red sari. and earrings!! and imagines sid telling her that she is looking beautiful. she goes to the beauty saloon and get her hair done and facial, manicure…

its night and sid is wating for naina…and calls her and says where are u.? i m waiting for u in the lobby. and she says i m here..and sid looks at her and is pleasantly surprised looking beautiful. and naina is happy. and sid says unbelieveable…and he says i must says that u follow instructions pretty well. now are u ready to tell that boy how u feel. now do it. ok? and naina thinks u r right..i will not get that chance again…i m going to tell u about my feelings.

party is in full swing and naina and sid enters and all office ppl look at her surprised. and sid says what happened.? where is ur mr. right? and someone calls sid. and ppl says what happened…so changed. she looks like naina..and they say this is naina and all compliment her. and sid says just compliment her directly…tonight u looking stunning naina. and naina thinks its all cause of sid…that all are complementing her…and she keeps looking at sid and sid says excuse me and leaves to talk. and then he sees naina looking at him and goes to her and says what happened is ur Mr. right here? and he goes and talks to other ppl. and naina says whatever changes have come in my life its cause of i m going to tell u i love u..but how. and she starts practicing. and sid sees her and goes to her…and sees her practing. and sid says in order to say how u feel u dont need practice. u need to be strong and lots of love in ur heart. u nervous. ok..close ur eyes…clam down,,breathe in..and think the man u love is standing in front of u and u…and sid says naina concentrate. ok..imagine i m that boy…now say it!! and naina is all nervous.

Precap- Naina says sir lets dance…and Roli was lighting a candle and it blows off and she says to GOD what are u trying to tell me matarani. i hope SID is fine!!

Update Credit to: kasrana

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