Sasural Simar Ka 6th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 6th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Saroj says where is anjali? Anjali comes in she is wearing a short dress. Saroj is dazed. Saroj says what joke is this Anjali? I told you not to wear clothes like these in front of elders. You have no shame at all. you sent you friend in your munh dikhai. At least have some dignity for your marriage. She says your mangalsutra.. you gave it to her as well. Your mangalsutra is the symbol of your marriage at least respect it. And you say you love Vikram then why don’t you respect people who Vikram loves? This ritual is done to show your new daughter in law to the world. You have no shame for anything. You have crossed every limit. Anjali says enough tai ji. Don’t over react you are saying so much to me. I will do anything in name of mujra? If you ask me to dance too? No

one can talk to me like this. You too. I didn’t come here to listen to lectures. I went out for some work which was more important than your rituals and friends. A woman says look at her skirt. Anjali says give your lecture to your daughter not me. Gossip women. Go from here the party is over. And I don’t like to wear this dupatta and all. She throws it away. Anjali takes her mangalsutra. Anjali says after today don’t say a word about my love for vikrma your words were painful. I really love him. anjali goes upstairs. Shanaya tries to stop her. a woman says saroj I have never seen an audicious girl like her. We are going. they all leave.

Anjali tells everything on phone to KB. Kb says wow she will never dare messing with you again. Keep giving her these dose. Simar overhears her talking. KB turns back. KB says what are you doing in my room? Why are you looking at me like that? Didn’t learn manners that you knock. Simar says you better not talk about manners. what were you talking to anjali about? Kb says it was our personal talk. My doll.. Saroj is making her do a lot of stuff. She is taking revenge from my doll. Don’t worry. she is my doll. She will tolerate everything. Now go from here I am already worried for her. simar leaves. Simr says in heart I heard you were trying to provoke her. I won’t let this happen.

Scene 2
Anjali opens the door, its Prem and Anjali. Anjali says you two here. Simar says we came to temple near by so we thought we should meet you and saroj ji. Anjali says I have to go to shopping. Prem says no you can go later. Anjali says I hope she doesn’t tell them. Saroj comes and welcomes them well. she says come in. Simar gives her parsad. Saroj says sit I will bring refreshments. Simar says no no. Saroj says this is the first time you are coming to our house. Saroj goes to kitchen. Simar says to anjali we know what happened here. How can you insult saroj like this?Anjali says I don’t know what you are talking about. Anjali says that drama queen told you? Simar says enough anjali. She is your tai ji. She is your elders. How can you talk like this. Saroj comes. Prem says apologize her anjali. Right now. SImar says we are embarrassed saroj. I apologize on her behalf and assure you this wont happen. Saroj says how you got to know? Simar says anjali told me. she never conceals anything from us. Anjali is embarrassed too. She wants to apologize as well. Right Anjali? Come anjali apologize her. Prem says anjali says sorry. Anjalu says I didn’t do anything delibrately. Prem says won’t stoop you low. Anjali says tai ji whatever happened I am sorry.. Saroj says its okay. I apologized you already. You realized your mistake thats more than enough but please don’t do this again. Anjali says done? May I go now? bye. She goes upstairs.
Simar says I don’t know what should I say. Saroj says dont worry. She is my daughter now. She will learn with time. I will try just like you. Prem says we feel like our daughter is in the right hands. Saroj says you apologized vikram too. Prem says we should leave. Saroj says no eat first. simar says some other time. They leave. Saroj says anjali has to learn some manners but how?

Anjali says on call to KB you are also talking like simar? Khushi says your tai ji is like simr. She becomes good in front of everyone. She changes colors with situations. Just like simar. Have you seen how simar fooled your dad? Anjalu says what should I do now? KB says vikram shouldn’t slip out of your hands. Do anuything for that. What if saroj tells vikram everything? You won’t let him be on her side. you will have to do what she does. Say sorry even if you have to. You get what I am trying to say? Anjali says you are right. KB says just do as i say. Anjali says thank you Kb love you.

Prem and simar come back home. They are worried for anjali. Simar bags slips and all the stuff comes out of it. Prem helps her with picking it up. She says its okay I will do it. Prem says I don’t know what to do. Simar says what happened? Prem says I wanna say something. It is all my mistake. I wanted to run away from my responsibility and I got anjali married. she wasn’t ready for it. It is all my mistake. Forgive me if you can.

Precap-Prem holds simar’s hand and says please forgive me. Simar says will you? He holds simar’s hand and makes her walk in like a new bride inside the house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Pls do chexk ur grammar while typing and sending in the article. I can’t understand anything.

  2. Today’s episode is better than any other episode after the leap. Stupid kb doesn’t have any sense, and talks about sense to Simar.

  3. Plssssssssssssssssss bring back my Sid with Sanju……………

    And please make Anjali n Prem understand Simar n Piyush………..

    I think the love story will begin with Vaidhehi and piyush…….

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