Sasural Simar Ka 6th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 6th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

simar is in her room in tears. roli says in heart simar didi please come in front of me i wanna see you once before i leave. Simar looks at her from balcony and says don’t go roli. roli and simar see each other. Simar hides behind the wall. simar says they way you are leaving this house has assured me about my doubts. there is something you are concealing from us all. i know that you are helpless because you would never conceal anything form me otherwise. I know you are doing this for out better like always. But don’t consider yourself alone. You sister is always with you. Prem comes to room and say simar..

Roli’s car leaves. Calendar sees the oil is leaking from the car. He asks the to stop the car. calendar says sattu oil is leaking from the car. they look down, amar

says what are you saying? no oil is leaking. calendar says look here there are two lines on the road. amar says sattu bhaiya you guys should leave i will check it.

simar says prem ji.. i know that you think roli has left because of me. prem says no i don’t think that. the pain shows the you are doing this for some reason, but when i look at roli i realize she doesn’t wanna relive the painful moments of losing sid. how can two people be right on one point? simar says what are you trying to say? prem says you wanna know the reality and i think you should get that chance. Simar says i knew you would understand me. prem says there so much pain on the other side of this investigation. I wont let it be unjust. simar says what are you trying to say? prem says slip off your mangul sutar(wedding locket). simar says no. prem says think about roli what she has been through. you don’t know if that secret is real but her pain surely is. you are neglecting her trouble. you have to understand her pain. Until you investigate you have to give me your mangal sutar so you can know what roli has been through. Simar says no. prem says what are you thinking now? i know this is symbol you wedlock. think about roli it was taken from her. you know how alone she has been. i know you care about her then why are you causing her pain? decide what you wanna do but i wont let tears come in roli’s eyes. I am leaving and i hope until i am back you have a firm decision. He leaves.

Calendar says why there are two lines? amar says on was made when that oil leaking car left from here and the other when it returned. they are both dried up that means the car left quite 7 hours ago. maybe its made form the car simar was talking about. roli left from here by 2 and same car returned here by 4. There is something with that car that she doesn’t wanna tell us. prem comes out and says amar you are like a son of this family. Let it be just the way it is. what you are thinking is wrong. And about investigations, it will decided soon. i am saying as a brother don’t multiply the problems. Prem leaves.

simar is in tears, she says why don’t you understand me prem ji. I dont wanna see roli in pain as well. amar comes in and says are you crying simar? simar says no. amar says did prem say something? Your eyes say that prem has said something that as shattered you. Simar tells him what prem said to him. Amar says if these investigations are creating problem in your marital life then we will halt it here. simar says but then i wont be able to end roli’s pain. she is gone from this house and in so much trouble. prem has given me time till evening. mata ji comes in and says simar in fight for justice you have to choose one path. Keep your heart calm and do what your heart says. I am not asking you to go against prem, neither am i saying to neglect roli but all i wanna says is that be roli’s strength. be the part of her fight. when someone your own is with you, the strength doubles. you have to be roli’s strength not weakness. mata ji says i doubt as well after the way she has left, there is something she is concealing. I want to know what happened to sid, he is my grandson. How can we bring it in front of world. you have time till evening, you can’t give up. simar says how will we investigate it all in such less time. For the first time i feel like i have lost. Mata ji says where there is love there has to be some troubles. Amar says we can still do something. He tells them about the oil they saw on road. amar says this is why i think we can give it a try.

Precap-amar, simar and calendar are in a house. amar says look that way i am looking here. someone puts hand on simar’s shoulder. Its rajveer.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Boring drama.. never going to end.. i just dont want to watch it anymore…

  2. boring episodes from last 4days

  3. i think that rajveer is father of sid

  4. No pragna …..hw comes he be the father no chance

  5. in the starting of ssk,sid came to bw family to take revenge on them and i think sid was not sujatha son.i think he is the son of rajveer.and in the ssk spoilers they said that rajveer is one of the member of bw family. iam not sure.iam guessing it.and for that ssk writters everything is possible

  6. Oh then simar and roli both would not belongs to bw family…….

  7. Nothing to dscss abt dis crap.. Stopped watching.. Now wil it be better stop reading also..
    If what pragna said is rit.. Then der are min 4 yrs left to end ssk.. Prem does not belong to BW family was first twist.. Nw Sid. Then sattu, shailu, sankalp in d row. Wtf???

  8. At the end theyvwill say mataji adopted everyone just to extend family…..all shitty craps

  9. rajveer is a son of old enemy in bw family

  10. As per the ongoing track, Roli is hiding some secret from the Bharadwaj family and she doesn’t want Simar (Dipika Samson) to investigate about Siddhant’s accident as she is scared of something which very serious.Soon there will be a major revelation coming up -Our source informs us, “Rajbeer Singh (Siddharth Vasudev) is the mysterious guy who is spying on Roli (Avika Gor) and has been stopping her from investigating about Siddhant’s (Manish Raisinghan) issue. He has come in the Bharadwaj house to take revenge from the family as he is the son of their old enemy which will beseen in the further episode. He knows the truth about the incident which had happened. He has also told Roli about Siddhant being aliveand is safe.”Will Roli be able to tell the truth to the Bharadwaj family?

  11. I think this serial ends in the years on 2020

  12. or even it take 2030….2036 …so on


  13. Sid wil b back wit a new luk. The luk itself says hes gonna portray a damn negative role.

    1. now in dis new look is sid nnag or siddanth baradwaj only?

      1. Don’t know dear. Most of d news cnfrms Sid turned to nag. Bt it’s ssk. No one knows wht hpns next!! So need to wait nd see

  14. Wat abt janvi-anurag pair they brk.up ah Enna koduma sir, ..

  15. boring wayyyyyyyyyyyyy

  16. guys anyone saw new promo ssk.. in this simar in bunglaow and dat she has to open da one room door but roli stop her to not to open da door… simar turns to roli side.. one lady hand is der and to open da door behind da door… who is she?? is dat sara? and is in dat room only sid is der?

    1. anyone if saw plz tel me who is dat person in dat room

      1. who is she

      2. not she.he is sid

  17. its shocking news…this fan banged her face into the mirror as manish aka sid dead in da show… in dis article sid said he is gng to starting da show in one week.. sid entry will be soon in ssk… hope dat girl get well soon frm injury…

  18. after dis hapnd ssk cvs should must thnk abt da fans and bring sid back and unite rosid… atleast after hpng dis cvs should change der mind set… and im thnkg dat in april or may sid is coming back as sid only…. cvs change ur mind set atleast now…..

  19. Oh my god at least after hearing tis they have to change the script

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