Sasural Simar Ka 5th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 5th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anjali is standing on road. She stops a taxi. The driversays come sit madam. He keeps staring at her from the mirror. He says looks like you are new in Mumbai. Anjali says thats none of your business. You better do you own work. He stops the car and says I think there is some problem in the car. Anjali says in heart this place is so deserted.
The driver opens her door. He grasps her wrist. Anjalu says leave me. She hits him and tries to run. He graps her by hair and says you thought you could run. Anjali says take money but let me go. He says who wants money and shoves her against the taxi. Anajli shoves and kicks him. She runs from there. The driver sits in his car to chase his car.
Anjali hides in a street and says where am I stuck. What is happening. My phone my

car is all left in the car. Where will I go. She sees a PCO and says I should call KB. There is no other option but I don’t have money.
Anjali sees a watch man says please brother can I make a call? I don’t have money I lost my bag. He says sure sure do.
Anjali calls Khushi. Anjali says KB its me.. Are you hearing? KB goes upstairs. Khushi says Anjali where are you? Do you everyone is looking for you. Police as well. Anjali says how could I tell you you were on dad’s side as well. So I came to Mumbai. Anjali says I am in trouble. Khushi says what happened? Anjali tells her everything.
Anjali says I have no money no bag no house. You told me there is a man who needs a dancer. Please give his number to me. Khushi says write the number. Anjali takes the number from KB. Khushi says his name is savant. Anjali says thank you so much. Anjali says I need some money as well. Khushi says I will transfer in your account. Anjali says papa took my cards. Transfer them to savant’s account. I will take them from him. Khushi says sure. And take care. Anjali says thanks.
Anjali calls Savant.

Scene 2
Simar says I have to go to Mumbai to find her. Rohan says how will you find her there. i have some friends there. Piyush says we should inform police first. Simar says this is a mother’s heart. i feel so worried like my daughter is in some trouble. Like something wrong is gonna happen to her. I have to save her. Rohan says okay then you will go there but not alone. I and Piyush will come with you. I will arrange the tickets in a while.

Anjali says why everyone comes so late. I have been waiting so long. Savant comes in his car. He says in heart wow you sent a better stuff than you billo rani. Anjali says you are savant? He says sorry you had to wait. Anjali says I should apologize you had to come. He says when you called I arranged everything. You don’t have to worry at all now. Let’s go. He texts Khushi the bird is in the cage.
Prem comes home. Rajhinder asks did you find something out? Prem says no. Amar tells her simar came today. She was really worried. prem says we have restraining orders against her. Amr says she was really worried. Khushi says there were two thugs with her as well. One of them works in your office. Inspector calls Prem and asks him to check Anjali’s social media. Khushi says what if she has some info there. What will I do now.

Scene 3
Savant brings Anjali to an apartment. A woman opens and says come in. There are some other women as well. Savant says how are you all? one says okay. Other says is she the one you were talking about? Savant says you all have to take care of her.
Anjali says thank you so much. what do I have to do and from when? Savant says you just eat and rest right now. We will talk further tomorrow. Savant leaves.
A girl says hi I am Madhu, other says I am shalu and another says I am priya. Anjali says you all live here? They say yes. Anjali says you people go for auditions? They say yes.
They talk to her. Anjali says in heart how cheaply they are talking. But well I have to tolerate.

Prem checks Anajli’s facebook. Prem sees a status and says Anjali is in Goa? i should tell the inspector. khushi sees him and says I posted that fake info. Prem and police will look for her in Goa and savant will be done with his work by then.
Khushi comes to temple and says Maataji lits a candle for Simr and her kids right? i blew it today.
No light is needed in this house anymore. There will be just darkness. They were so proud of them. Their Anjali my doll. She is lost somewhere. in a hell its a ditch. All dark. Even if someone finds her, she would be so rotten that no one would want to touch her.

Simar lits a candle in temple. She says please take care of my anjali God. Wherever she is show her the right way. rohan and Piyush come in. Rohan says don’t worry nothing would happen to her. Piyush says God would listen to you. We will all try to find her.

Precap-Simar Rohan and Piyush are looking for Anajli in Mumbai. Piyush says maa eat something. Simar says I won’t until I find Anjali.
Anjali asks savant what will I have to do? He says dance in a bar.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Can’t wait till tomorrow so excited.. But the thought of Khushi are so bad must needs to come in front of everyone soon to knowing her truth behind.. By the way when siddhant n his Mrs coming back??

  2. Khushi please get some acting lessons. U r no great diva. So stop trying to be one.

  3. P.N. Bhargava

    So the floor dancer has shown her true ccolours. a bithch will always be a b*t*h

  4. Seems like Kasam se kasam se is her favourite word cos shes so obsessed with it like shes threat to anyone that Khushi uuuf I just cant stand her… she thinks by ruining the name of the family thats married to her will help her lool what a dumb cow

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