Sasural Simar Ka 5th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 5th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar wakes Anjali up. Simar says you remember you have to wake up early every day. Anjali says let me sleep. Simar turns off the AC. Anjali still sleeps. Simar says you are not getting up? She tickles Anjali. Anjali laughs in the sleep and says let me sleep mama.. Simar recalls her childhood. Simar tickles her more. Anjali laughs. She wakes up. Simar says good morning. Anjali shoves her hand away. Simar says what have you decided? I hope you understood what I told you yesterday. Anjali leaves. Simar says this means somewhere in heart her childhood is alive. Then I will have to get to her heart by using her childhood.

Prem is deciding which shirt should he wear. Simar is peeking in. she says times have changed but no your habits. Even today you take half an hour to choose

a shirt. He goes in washroom. Simar sees his shirt’s button is lose. She stitches it. Prem comes out and says what are you doing? I am asking something. Simar says fixing the button. Prem says leave it I will wear another shirt. Simar says it is done. You will waster another half hour to choose second shirt. Prem takes the shirt from her and wear it. Simar says the string is still attached to it. Simar comes close, Prem thinks she will cut it from her teeth. She picks up the scissors and cuts it. Simar leaves.

Scene 2
On the breakfast table Anjali comes. Pari says anjali up so early? Anjali says good morning everyone. Anjali says you were saying something? Simar says your papa gave you some conditions? Do you accept them? Anjali says yes I do. Everyone is dazed. Simar says here is the list of things you have to do for next coming days. You have to make breakfast for everyone. Anjali says what.. I never stepped in kitchen. Simar says don’t worry I will teach you everything. Khushi says what if my doll’s hand burn? Piyush says don’t worry madam. her mother is there for her. Simar says lets go Anjali.
Khushi says to Anjali, what is wrong with you? That is simar has made you a puppet. Anjali says all your plans failed. Dad is on her side. If I don’t listen to her he will take all money from me. I will find a way. Till then I have to do as I say.

Simar says lets make potato parathas these days. Anjali says there is a cook. Simar says why doesn’t your generation understands that cooking is very important as well. Anjali says I make really good Italian. Simar says but right now we are making potato parathas. Simar says lets knead the flour. Anjali dissolves it in the water. SImar and Anjali make the parthas.
Khushi is mad in her room. She says I will use this Anjali to separate Simar and Prem. She calls someone and says its Khushi. there is a girl. You have to kidnap her, her name is Anjali bharadwaj. Wow. You are amazing I knew you will do my work. The idea is so good. Khushi says this would be last night of my Anjali here. If Anjali isn’t here then Simar won’t be here either.
Anjali says the breakfast here is here dada ji. Piyush says Anjali madam made breakfast for everyone. Jhanvi says very good Anjali. Anjali says thank you. Anjali says all of you eat and tell me how is it. Prem says I will taste it first. He tastes it and says it is so good. Anjali says really? I will taste. She takes it herself and spits. Anjali says it is not good. why you said its good prem. Prem says because my daughter made it. This is the best breakfast of my life. When daughter is old its the most precious feeling for a father. I am feeling it for the first time. My daughter is all grown up. It had all love taste doesn’t matter. Anjali says in heart what love and all. I wanted to put all the spices there. I have to do this drama.

Scene 3
Anjali is sitting with Mataji. Mataji gives her religious lecture. Khushi looks at anjali and asks her to come out. Anjali says sneaks out. Mataji keeps reading the lecture to her. Simar says Anjali is learning geeta from mataji. Let me see her. simar comes in mataji’s room. Mataji says Anjali was here she was listening to geeta. Where did she go? Simar says she must have gotten a call. You should rest. Mataji rests. Simar says call me if you need anything
Anjali says to Khushi I had to listen to geeta I feel so helpless. Khushi says your KB is here. Anjali says you have a plan? Anjali says tell it to me. KB tells her the plan.
Anjali says what a plan. Khushi says just three more days anjali. After that there wont be any kitchen or geeta. Everything would be the way you want. Simar overhears them.

Precap-Simar tells Prem everything. Prem calls everyone and says Khushi wants to tell you something. Khushi says what? Prem says yes tell everyone what you have planned. Anjali says I will tell you what the plan is.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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