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Sasural Simar Ka 5th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says what secret was he talking about? Sid says dont worry i am coming. Sid tells amar about the man. He says i am going to simar. Sid hop out of the room. Simar says mata ji only 5 minutes are left. Sujata says but if you go like this indra would doubt. Mata ji says we have to make an excuse. simar says I told her that i will have to go out to buy vegetables.
amar is in the files room. He starts rummaging through the shelves.Amar drops a file, the man outside stops there.

Simar is out in the market. She buys some vegetables to pretend. A man collides with her and says i am sorry. Mata ji says what man is that and what he wanna say. Sujata say s but indra wont have an idea. Indra is keeping and eye on simar from balcony. Sid sees indra and wonders what is she

doing there? He sees simar. Indra does some sign to that man. Sid says in heart so this means this is indra’s trick. She wants to see if we are trying to inquire about her or not. i have to stop simar from talk to that man. The man collides with simar and says i am the one who called. Come there i am waiting. Sid says in heart don’t go after that man simar.
indra says betrayal. You will have to pay for it simar. sid says i have to stop simar.

Amar takes all the files. The HOD comes in, amar hides. The man says some voice came from here. The HOD says why are these files on the floor. Sid tries to go after simar. Sujata says why is sid going after simar. Simar says to the man yes? He says i want to talk about indra. I know you are trying to find her truth out. I know a lot about her. If you have any question related to her ask me. simar says who are you and what indra are you talking about? Sujata takes sid in. Mata ji says what were you trying to do? sid says this is indra’s trap, she sent that man.

The HOD says maybe it was some cat here.
Simar says why did you call me? I dont know any indrawati. Sid wonders how does simar know. Simar recalls she saw indra in the mirror. The man says indra is in your house. Ask what you want dont be scared. simar says i dont know any indra now go, don’t annoy me.

Indra says to simar yes i did magic on the man and sent him to you, to find if you are investigating or not. simar says but why? Indra says you cleared all my doubts. simar says what about my doubts. What will your past change? What you concealing? What happened 100 years ago that still you fear. Indra says you dont need to know what happened. Simar says spying on us means you are concealing something. Your face says you are lying. Indra says i am not. Trust me. Simar says why should i? indra says because i am asking. Simar says what secret are you concealing? indra says humans should keep themselves away from witches.Simar says you have to tell us today. Indra says be quite ‘choti’. She goes to her room. Mata ji says do your trust indra? Simar says i cant trust anyone. Sid gets a text from amar, he says there is a village near dehli where no one is allowed to go. Whoever goes in never comes out. There was a thakur there. He was interested in music and dance. He has something to do with indra. But we should go there once. Sid says i will go there and inquire simar. Simar says i will go there. I dont want indra to doubt us. Because you and amar go all the time. Mataji says this can trouble you. Sid says but its dangerous there. I will come with you. simar says its indra’s last day here. You all responsibility to get them back and i have to find the truth.

Precap-Simar reaches the village. Indra asks where are sid, nirmala and simar? Sujata says simar is resting. And sid has taken mata ji to hospital. Indra says i will check simar. Pari says what now? simar isn’t in her room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ssk: this week dayan will bring back to prem to life. she will perform a mahapuja and he will come back to life. bharadwaj family will thank dayan for doing this. also there will be a fight between simar and dayan indravati. simar will ask about her secret and past but indravati will tell her that there is no secret what so ever.

  2. ssk: inndravati asks simar whom was she talking in the phone. she plans to ditch simar, while simar gets an old pic of her in dayan’s dairy. dayan wants to revenge from simar,whom regards padmavati. dayan lost the dance competion and her love to padmavati in her old birth. simar has come to haveli where she has got the past link. simar is actually a rebirth of indravati’s sister padmavati. simar was a dancer and used to show dancing art. simar sees indravati and her pic on the wall, and its written they both used to be dancers. they both died in haveli, where indravati did not get peace and took rebirth. simar gets the goongroos and reads the note on the wall.

  3. sandra s thannickal

    When will roli come back?

  4. now in the upcoming episodes PREM ATTEMPTS TO KILL SIMAR knowing simar and indravati’s past life…..its very shocking….

  5. i think that thakur killed simar in her previous birth

  6. Oh wow but I want roli to join them…..i miss roli…..

    1. me too akshu

  7. Plz brng bck our roli….v miss hr lot

  8. Y is it always they skip the story without roli.i hate when they do tat

  9. oh no,,,, what prem attempts kills his simar but y this is not happen……. Plz roli back plz roli u only save ur didi…..

  10. ella chinonso Emmanuel

    dis is bcomin more interesting

  11. this is utter shit……. daily soaps should be fo entertainment sake conveying moral values not to spoil mind showing black magic stuff…… dono wat msg dey r trying to convey ppl showing nagin, chudail, dayan ………… i really wish dey should end this soap…….

  12. i really wish dey should end this soap…….

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