Sasural Simar Ka 5th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 5th October 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 5th October 2013 Written Update

Janvi is talking with Sourya on the phone. She says, today it’s my Roka and I can’t talk to you. Sourya says, if it’s coming between our love, then we will just stop that Roka. I love you and I won’t leave you. He hangs. Janvi is lost in thoughts when Roli comes there. She asks what happened? Was it Sourya’s call? You don’t need to bother thinking about him. Give me his address.. this is enough now. I will see how he bothers now.. I will go and talk to him. Janvi seems scared. Roli says, don’t feel scared.. you trust your bhabhi right? Janvi gives her Sourya’s address. Roil tells Janvi not to be tensed.. and she will tell Simar to take care of her. Roli is leaving, Janvi stops her and tells her to talk properly with Sourya as he is not

that bad either. Janvi says, he worries for me. Roli is confused.. she says, okay.. and leaves. Janvi looks tensed.

Bharadwajs are waiting for the guy’s family. They come with tensed faces. Bharadwajs ask them if anything wrong. The guy’s father says to mataji, please forgive us, but we can’t do this rishta. Sujata asks what are you saying? The guy’s father says, ask this to Janvi who likes some other guy. Bharadwajs are shocked. mataji says, if you don’t want to do rishta, then not a problem.. we think pairs are made by the God.. they will marry wherever its written.. but you have no right to say such stuff about our daughter. Sujata says, this is not a joke.. yesterday you said yes.. and today you’re refusing. You liked Janvi until yesterday, then what happened today? Rajendra says, you must have misunderstanding.. come in and we will talk about it. The guy’s mother says, there is no misunderstanding.. how can we get our son married to a girl who likes someone else already. Simar and Janvi come there and are shocked to hear that. Simar says, there is no guy in Janvi’s life. Sid says, how can you say with so much confidence? Simar tells Gaurav.. you used to like Janvi and you said yes too.. then what happened.. explain to your parents. Gaurav’s father says, you don’t need to explain to him.. ask your daughter whether she likes someone else or no. Sujata says, no we won’t question her.. if there was anything like that, then she would have told me first. Prem and Sid say, not a single word more about our sister.. you want to break this rishta.. then you can, but don’t say anything about our sister. Gaurav’s family goes to Janvi and say, see how much they trust you.. and you’re taking advantage.. tell them what we said is true. Janvi is quiet. Gaurav’s mother says, I will say it.. Sourya Singhania. This is his name, right? Sourya’s sister called us this morning and she said to break this rishta.. because Sourya and Janvi love a lot each other. Simar is shocked. She goes somewhere.

Roli is in car. She says, if I had found Sourya, then I would have taught him good lesson that he wouldn’t take Janvi’s name again. She then says, maybe matarani wants sid and prem jiju to handle this matter. She receives a call from Simar. simar asks her if she met Sourya or his family. Roli says, there was no one.. and why you seem tensed? Simar says, you come home first. Roli asks, if Roka started. Simar says, no and hangs.

Bharadwajs are asking Janvi who is this Sourya. Simar comes and says, a spoilt brat from a rich family. Gaurav’s parents say how can you not know about Singhania family..they are such a big family.. we can’t dare to go against them.. they can destroy our Gaurav’s future.

Sourya’s sister, Meghna, is going to Bharadwaj house.

Mataji says, no matter what their status is.. how big they are.. they have no right to destroy our Janvi’s future. Everyone is supporting mataji and right then Meghna enters. She says, I think you were talking about me.. it was good to hear praise about me. Mataji says, so it’s you because of whom happiness, that came to our house, returned. Meghna says, wrong.. I came to double your happiness. I came with my brother’s, Sourya, rishta with your daughter Janvi.

Gaurav and his family leave from there. Sourya enters. He introduces himself to mataji and Bharadwajs. Mataji says, by breaking rishta of our daughter.. you came here to show sympathy? Rajendra says, how did you even think that we will be ready for this rishta? He sends Janvi to her room. Meghna says, you’re elders so I will take your anger as blessings. Its good you sent her to her room.. it’s a matter between the elders so it’s better if the elders discuss it. She sends Sourya outside as well. Meghna looks around the house and says to Mataji, so what we have to do? Mataji says, meaning? Meghna says, you will say the amount or shall I give you a blank cheque? Rajedra says, what are you trying to say? Meghna says, oldest trick in the book… make innocent face, so amount can be increased. She says, I don’t have time so I will come straight to the point.. what will you take to free my brother from Janvi. Mataji gets angry. She says, Janvi is our daughter.. she’s pride of this house.. we don’t measure someone’s respect and pride with money. You’re a big business woman.. don’t you even know that price is not for a person’s respect. Meghna says, oh god.. 50 lakhs? Bharadwajs are shocked.

Precap: Sourya asks Janvi, you still think that you don’t love me? Janvi says, you were right.. I like you. Sourya says, what? Just like? No problem.. it won’t take much time before your like is turned into love. Both smile.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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