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Sasural Simar Ka 5th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
They all jump in the jungle. Mata ji says dont look back now. They pass through the tress and come to a central part. They see a swamp. Khushi says how will we cross it. This looks so dangerous. Mata ji says if i die or something happens to any of us, this journey wont stop. if one of us stays alive, she will go to temple and bring roli and simar back. Only God know what God has decided for us. i will cross it first. Mata ji starts crossing the swamp. They hop on the stones.
Indra’s badi amma sees them and says oh so I was right. This is going to be a small and painful journey for you. Winds start blowing.

In bharadwaj house, they try to save the candle. Sattu says we cant let it blow. Karuna says we need your help God.
Khushi slips. Pari screams Khushi

has fallen in the swamp. Mata ji realizes that she can’t look back. Pari tries to pull Khushi. Pari pulls khushi our. Sujata says are you okay? Khushi says yes I am fine. They start moving forward. They all cross the swamp.

Prem recalls his time with Simar. Indra comes in. She says keep in mind, don’t try to take so much pain or this can even kill you. Its not easy to erase the memory. It will give you pain. You can bear it for me? I have given up my powers because of you.
Prem says if that pain can bring simar back then I will bear it.
Indra says after this you will forget her name and love. Prem says you can never end my love for her. Indra takes perm with with.

Sid and amar come to place. Amar says we have to take from here. I am sure she would have brought him here.

Indra starts her pooja, She says both of us dont have any option. I will keep asking you and you will put those things in the fire.
Khushi asks Jhanvi for water to clean her foot. Jhanvi says you foot is bleeding. Jhanvi says let me do something. jhanvi plucks a flower, it turns into a bud. Jhanvi screams. Mata ji says we wont touch anything now. And don’t look back.

Sid says i think she must have made a protection around the palace.
Sid says she has brought prem here . We have to enter in. Amar says sid you stay here. Let me do something.
indra is doing her pooja. Prem is sitting next to her. She takes simar’s bangle from Prem. She takes simar’s sindur and wedding locket. Prem says this is wrong. i wont let this happen.

Precap-Indra says after 9th this procedure would end. You will forget her name, you will only remember Indrawati’s name.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Save bradwaj family durga mata

  2. Todays episode was thrilling………and sad for prem? i hope before tat procedure end Sid and Amar will do something…….

  3. Nice episode

  4. I like this episode……

  5. Manish madfan

    Sid will save prem.he ll hit indravati on her head and save prem.:) 🙂

  6. missing rosid

  7. Very nice episode.

  8. Yes, sid will hit on Indra’s head and will save prem as well he’ll bring back Indra to Bharadwaj house… Coz now Indravati is a normal human.. Not a dayan..

    1. From where did u get this news?

  9. Miss u roli when u will be back

  10. Hey …
    One suggestion to the writer , director and producer of the show….
    As u people have shown Ghost , Naagin , Dayaan -I & Daayan – II….. Punar Janam , Raja & Rani etc…
    Now Please Show Aliens too…. U sure will get GOOOOD TRP…
    Making fool of the viewers since long…

  11. Prem excellent performance.

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