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Sasural Simar Ka 5th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mata ji points gun at Simar, Simar says you know me? Mata ji says you will not be saved from me today, i left you earlier but this time i will finish you, Simar says no dont do this, Mata ji says your story is going to end, tata, bye bye, Chanda waves to Simar and smirks. Mata ji is about to shoot Simar, Simar says jay mata di, lights go off, Mata ji shoots Simar and laughs, Chanda thinks that Simar forced me to do this, her story has ended and now my love story with Prem will start. All family members come there and ask what happened? Mata ji says i have finished past, i have finished Simar, the ghost of our house, see i have killed her, see her deadbody, lights come again, all are shocked to see Simar gone from there, Mata ji says where did she go? she was here, Sid says she must be

around, i will find her and will kill her, Mata ji says she is very clever, i cant bear that the person who gave me so much pain is walking freely, i cant bear this, Sid come with me, all leave, Chand thinks how everytime Simar is able to bend my story, how did lights go off?
Simar meets Prerna, Prerna says its good that i came on right time and switched off lights, Simar says you know Mata ji recognized me and tried to kill me, Prerne recalls how she listened Sid and Mataji’s talks, she says i forgot to tell you that Chanda has made family against you, she has linked all bad things with your name, Simar says thats why family is against me? i have to save them from her clutches, they are my family, Simar asks Prerna to leave and says you have to leave me, i cant put your life in danger, Prerna says but Chanda will find me anywhere, Simar says you have my swear, you have to leave, Chanda must be angry that her attack failed and must be waiting for me, Simar thinks something.
Chanda is sitting in hall, family is there except Mata ji, Sid and Prem. Simar comes there, Sujata gets emotional seeing Simar. Chanda says i was waiting for you simar, i should applaud your friendship, Prerna put her life in danger to save you and you put your life in danger to save her? what a friendship, she claps and says great. She says now to save prerna, you have kept her away from me but i think you dont know me well, you can hide her anywhere but i will find her somehow as her punishment hasnt finished, dont you remember that day when she begging to me, i melted that day but this time i wont forgive her, i will give her such a life that will worst than death, Simar says till you dont leave your ego, you wont be able to win over Mata rani, you can use your power but this time you wont be able to find Prerna, Chanda says you are challenging me? you think you will set everything right by hiding her? let me remind you that only 6days are left for Chandgrahen(moon eclipse) and you have to save your whole family in these days, it wont be easy for you as i am going to add many twist in chanda story, let me show you, video play, in video Mata ji scolds Sid for letting go Simar, she says i cant take risk for this marriage, Amar asks what she means? Mata ji says take prem to my secret farm house, Amar asks why? Mata ji says then he will return on marriage day only, nobody will be able to find him, Sid says Prem will be safe from that witch only at farm house, nobody knows about that farm house except us, Prem comes and says i wont go anywhere, i am not kid to be used as toy, Mata ji says you cant change my decision, not even God can change it, Amar says we are already in tension, listen to her, after marriage you will be brought her again, Sid says you can calmly come with me or we will take you at farm house by putting you in bag, Prem says its useless to go against you people, Sid points gun at Prem and says listen to us, Prem says okay i will do what you are saying, Mata ji says you are my nice son, Prem leaves, Mata ji says that Simar destroyed us one time but i wont let her do it again, nobody should know where Prem is, if anyone knows it then Amar you will be dead, Amar says i promise you she wont be able to reach Prem, we will leave house in 2hours, he leaves, video ends, all are shocked, Chanda asks what happened? is she stunned? your husband is going to leave house and you have only 2hours to stop your Prem, Simar says what story you have told to my family that they are hating me? Chanda says you dont have time to talk all this, if Prem leaves house once then he will return on marriage day only, you have only 2hours to stop him, do hard work as much as you can and stop him, Sujata says Simar save Prem, Chanda says she is clever, listen to her and stop Prem else you wont be able to do anything, Simar thinks that i dont know about that farm house, how will i go there? Simar says i will stop Premji, i will bring him back as Prem and Simar are one soul, nobody was able to separate them and no will be able to, Sujata says Mata Rani will help you and i am sure you will win only, Simar stares Chanda.

PRECAP- Amar is driving car with Prem, Amar stops car and goes to bring water, Simar sits in car and drives away, Prem sees her in car and says you? where is Amar? Simar says listen to me, Prem pushes her away, Simar falls out from running car, Prem is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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