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Sasural Simar Ka 5th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar is on her way back. She says I hope everything goes well after this pooja.
Sanju says I will make video of my house and show everyone in class how big my house is.
Sughanda asks Karyna where are you taking the fruits? She says to mata ji. Sughanda says I will. She walks past form the video. Simar comes in the house and says I should go and change. Sanju says mama I want to show you something mama. She says I made this video, simar says tell me whats in the video. Sughanda sees herself as a ghost in the video. She says in heart I have to stop sanju from showing the video. The video doesn’t play. Sanju says why is it not playing. Simar says give me. The video doesn’t play. Simar says what video is that? Sanju says its magic.

Simar hears some noise

and she goes to kitchen. She sees roli making something in grinder. Roli is drowned in her thoughts all the juice is spilled down. Simar asks what is wrong? Roli tells him everything about Sid. Simar says in heart I can’t tell roli, Sima says dont worry it might not be that serious. Go rest in your room. Roli says I have to clean this. Simar says I will and don’t worry about it. Simar says first mata ji and now sid.
Sanju says why is video not playing. Sughanda takes the phone from her and says let me try. She says in heart I should delete it. The phone is not working. She says how does this work? Before simar sees it I have to do something. She can’t delete it.
simar says what should I do? I have to call guru maa.
sanju says I will ask papa to play it. Sughanda says give me the phone. She is trying to snatch the phone from sanju. Sughanda breaks the phone. simar comes there. sanju says what have you done. Simar says sanju what have you done? I asked you to use it carefully. Sanju says aunty. Sughanda says she is a child. Sanju says sorry mama. SImar picks the phone. Its broken.

Roli asks simar why are you worried? simar says sanju broke prem’s phone. Roli says give him yours. Simar says yeah that would be okay.
Simar calls guru maa and says what should we do? Guru maa says you have figure out about that place first. Simar says okay I will go there again tomorrow.

At night, simar comes to sughanda’s room and closes the door. She asks what happened? Simar says I can’t say it in front of whole family. I need your help. Actually.. you are the only one I can talk about this. Please sleep with me in my room, prem is not here as well. Please. Sughanda says why? Simar says for mata ji please. Sughanda says I will. I am here to help you people. Simar says thank you and leaves. Sughanda says this is the right time to know what is going on in her mind.
At night, Mata ji leaves her room. She says evreyone is asleep. I will do my work peacefully now. She checks simar’s room and says simar is asleep as well. Mata ji goes out simar follows her. She goes to devika’s house. sImar comes in as well. She is attacked by a cat. Simar saves protects herself.
Simar opens her eyes and suddenly she is back in her room. Simar says how I came back? I was outside devika’s house. Sughanda wakes up and says when did you come simar? Are you done with your work. SImar says there is something wrong. I can’t get it. Sughanda says what exactly happened? Simar says in heart I should tell her. She recalls Guru maa saying not to tell anyone. Sughanda says whats wrong? you can share with me everything. Simar says I trust you. Nothing happened. Please stay here I am coming in a while. She says yeah I am here. Simar goes out. Sughanda says I will stay here I wont go anywhere but the one you are running after you can’t reach her. I am keeping an eye on you. Your mata ji has to do something for me. I wont let you know anything before that.

Precap-Roli says you didn’t tell us anything? Why? Simar says we have to stop mata ji. They go out. Sughanda says now see what I do to you. Simar falls from balcony.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This serial is worse ever in the television history
    Waste serial…..nonsense
    …….kill the director and writer waste serial
    How much I used to love the serial now I’m hating more than that… worse ever serial

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