Sasural Simar Ka 5th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 5th March 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 5th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Roli says if we say something about biby to sonia she won’t believe. We should invite boby to live here and then show sonia her real face. Prem says yes we have to make a plan that will show sonia everything. Sonia comes in and asks whats going on ? Roli says we were talking about boby. She is living somewhere else when we are in this city ask her to come over. Sonia says okay I will call.

Scene 2
Khushi calls boby and says whole bharadwajs are missing you. They want you to come here. Boby says no I won’t live there i hate their food and drama is going on in their mind all the time. Sonia says oh you are in Goa, okay no problem. She says that’s goos i got to know about her. Thank you so much for your care.

Scene 3
Sujata is worried about

jhanvi she goes out. jhanvi asks arora to come in. He says next time. Sujata comes out and is a little angry at jhanvi. Simar introduces doctor arora to sujata. Verma aunty is looking at all this. He leaves. Mausi ji says khanvi is head nurse now she has a lot of work. Verma aunty comes in and says look at jhanvi she looks fresh. New job and new friends. Sujata says what you mean ? Verma says some guy drops her home at this time then he must be her friend. Simar says he is a senior doctor. Verma aunty says but she should be careful she got widowed earlier. Jhanvi says all I know is that I am not doing anything bad Simar says we all trust jhanvi and she knows her limits.

Scene 4
Uma says sonia why are you standing there come and have tea with us. Khushi thinks what to do now. I have to go to boby. Simar asks what are you thinking sonia ? She says I was thinking about some office work. Mata ji says have something then focus on work. She says no its urgent. mata ji says okay then you should go. Simar says to uma I help you in making breakfast.

Scene 5
Jahnvi is sitting alone in the office. Arora asks did someone comment on us again ? SHe syas no. Will you like some healthy breakfast ? He says why not. Jhhanvi shares her breakfast with her.

Scene 6
Khushi is with boby. Boby laughs and says you did so much for your husband. Khushi says don’t make fun of me. Khsuhi says this irritation on ypur skin will be gone. Consult this dermatologist. Sankalp calls khushi but she says I am out somewhere i can’t come. Khushi says to boby i wanna stay out today its better for my skin. Boby says okay that’s good come with me.
They are moving when roli and simar come there. Khushi hides behind a car. Roli says hi boby you are here when did you come from Goa ? Lets go with us we all miss you a lot.Come on. They take boby with them. Simar smiles.

Precap-Simar roli sid and Prem ask boby what is she up to. She gets scared and says something they are all dazed,

Update Credit to: Atiba

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