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Sasural Simar Ka 5th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says what mistake were you talking about? Prem says the signing papers thing. she says you dont have to blame yourself we will make it through if we are together. prem says in heart simar always supported me and i bet on her? simar says prem this day is special for us, its our wedding anniversary. Apart from the relationship of husband and wife i will make a new relationship that will change everything. think what makes this day so special? she leaves. prem is dazed. prem says in heart does simar know?

Simar is working in the kitchen she recalls when she got married to prem and all their good moments together. Maya comes in and says why are you smiling? is it a special day? simar says its our wedding anniversary. maya says wow congratulations, simar says thank you. Maya

says i think you didn’t like the gift prem gave you, simar says he doesn’t even remember. Maya says he must be pretending. Simar says no he doesn’t remember, maya says let me tell him. simar says no don’t. This day i have to tease him. when he recalls his smile wont vanish. Maya says you are really lucky to have a life partner like him. Maya says make something for prem with your hands.

roli says why did rajveer send you? sid says i have to go in to figure that, till then you should stay in the car, roli says take care of yourself. he smiles and says i will. Sid rings the door bell an old man opens it. sid says i am aryan rajveer has sent me. The man says come in. Sid comes in the house.

Mata ji is talking to prem but he is engrossed in thinking. mata ji says why you look so worried? Simar says i have been asking the same question. maya says think what are you forgetting. mata ji says what is it today? Maya says ask prem. maya says its their wedding anniversary. mata ji says oh yes. maya says how can you forget your wedding anniversary. Mata ji says their relationship is so strong. prem says in heart what have i done to my relationship. simar says prem i made.. prem stands up and leaves. May says what happened to him? mata ji says he still blames himself, we have to give him sometime. Sima says yes you are right.

Sid is in the house, roli is watching him. someone throws a sword from upstairs and it falls in front of sid. A woman in white attire comes out he face is covered. She comes to sid, she says rajveer said you are his loyal servant. you can kill and die for him. now lets play sword fighting, if you are safe from my attack i will get you the work rajveer has sent you for, if you are not safe then i will send your corpse to the jungle. pick up the sword. roli says what is this? Sid pick up the sword.

Simar says prem is concealing something from me and he is really worried about i. Rajveer comes in. He says simar where is everyone? Simar says there is pooja in neighborhood, i and maya are staying with maya ji. He says okay bring water for me. Simar brings him the water. he says it feels good to know that you consider yourself servant. simar says even if a beggar came to ask for water i would bring him doesn’t make me his servant. Rajveer holds her hand instead of the glass. Simar says leave my hand, he says i heard this day is special for you, i have brought you a gift. Simar says leave me hand. He takes out a bangle and forces her to wear it.

Sid is having the sword fight with the lady. She is about to stab him, she says you are brave i liked you. i give you another chance. She cuts his hand a little roli says what should i do?

Precap-Simar slaps rajveer on the face, she says only prem has the right to touch my hand keep that in mind.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. nice episode… kya simar remember its only there marriage anniversary… she didnt remember her sisters marriage anniversary also… wow new entry and sid and rajkumari sword fight….

  2. good episode

  3. only to torture bw family rb doing all these….
    and when they came to know that rajveer cheated him while playing.. rajveer changes the card.. when they comes to know.. and why rajveer send sid to jaipur.. for what reason he send sid to meet rajkumari…? anyone knows tel me..

  4. rosid please find out mystery about princess and roli simar didi ko help karo jaldi hi… i think rajkumari put sid in palace only……bcz she impressed with sid sword fight with her..

  5. If Rajkumari favours mataji side they can win and any way tis track is gng to over soon i think because simar challenges rb within 24hrs she will destroy him……so it means tis track is gng to over na??????

    1. dont know may be track overs or may not be… because rajkumari controls rajveer… and rosid didnt came to know about rajkumari exctly who is she and they dont know about her why she behind them.. first they have to findout about rajkumari.. and another entry hapening he is works for rajveer.. so may be this track goes on… dont know may be this rajveer track ends… its all depends on cvs of ssk dear.. i think alot drama is there in upcoming…

  6. rajkumari cuts sid’s hand little…

  7. Oh ya sandya already they take more months to reveal a truth every time….so tis one also will go….but tat 24hrs challenge…..

  8. kya maji also forget today rosid marriage anniversary also there… she think about premar only ah? why she didnt thinks about rosid?? its rosid anniversary is also there today..

    1. yes .ur crct..its rosid anniversry also..they frgt abt it

  9. guys is rajkumari have green eyes real or they showing that she have green eyes ah? please tell me… is she have green eyes?

  10. is she hypnotizing sid ah? i am thinking that something fishy is there with her eyes what you think guys please tel me ur opinion?

  11. arey yaar rajveer kaha phasa diya hamare sid ko… what she wants to do with sid? why she called him ? good episode…

  12. Jab rosid rajkumari ko milne jaa rahe te, gaadi me they were “kon banega roli ke pati ” Family sadak pe agaya hi bcz of rjvr n u guys enjoying ur journy. Hw funny….

  13. kya yaar simar ko ab rajveer k pass jana parega

  14. simar warns rajveer that she will destroy him:
    the current track of ssk shows that prem has put his wife simar at stake in return of his property.
    in upcoming episodes of the show it will be seen that simar will be furious with prem selling her off to rajveer in return of his assests.
    simar will slap prem for insulting her and will also tell him that she will break off her marriage with him
    prem will feel guilty for putting simar’s dignity at stake and will decide to win back simar’s trust.
    simar on the other hand will make it very clear to rajveer that she is not a weak woman that she will not give him so easily.
    simar will also challenge rajveer that she will destroy his empire within 24hrs.
    let’s wait whether simar is able to fulfil her challenge..

  15. Sid’s sword fight super…happy aniverasary rosid

  16. Good epi….waiting for the truth to reveal

  17. in sword fight where sid hurt himself in process where not to hurt the princess. where as she impressed with siddanth and offers him to stay night in palace.
    taking this as a chance siddanth calls roli and make sure she sneak into his room and applies medication for his hurt and spend some cozy moments with eachother. why princess said to siddanth to stay is still a mystery which is going to reveal soon.

  18. Yep I now they all forgot about rosid anniversary jus prw,at hate premar maatji aleasy takes sides and favouritism and her fav is siamr siamr siamr n stupid prom hayte thm both maatji pelase do more favouritism wid rosid

  19. Love rosid congratulations on u anniversary ????????????

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