Sasural Simar Ka 5th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 5th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jhanvi asks doctor what is simar’s report? She says everything is okay. Jhanvi comes in simar’s room. Kamiya asks what happened? Jhanvi says everything is normal. Kamiya says and prem? Jhanvi says he is okay too. Kamiya says thank God. Let me go see Prem stay here with simar. Kamiya leaves. Jhanvi ties the thread in Simar’s wrist. Simar opens her eyes.
Mahmaya says Kaal you have to be born on this planet. Jhanvi asks simar how you feel? Simar says I feel better. Sonography? Simar says all reports are normal. Simar says where are they all? Where is prem?
prem opens his eyes. Mataji says thank God you are okay prem. Khushi says what a miracle. God gave them pain together and healed them together. Prem says both? What she means? Mata ji says nothing. Prem

says what happened to simar? Kamiya says simar had some pain because of pregnancy. Prem says take me to her.
Simar says to jhanvi prem met an accident please take me to him.
Mahmaya says I feel, Kaal’s anger in getting on people around simar too. Don’t do this Kaal. Calm down kaal.
Simar sees prem coming towards him. Simar says you.. Prem says I am okay. they hug each other. Mataji hugs simar too and says thank God you are both okay. We have to go home now. I don’t feel good in hospital.

Amar and others are clearing the bills. Simar says to Prem you will eat what I ask you now and take a lot of rest. A stretcher touches prem. Simar shouts hey stop. Prem says I am okay. Simar slaps the ward-boy. Simar says my husband is already hurt. He says I am sorry. Simar says sorry won’t do anything. Mataji says simar its okay. Go. Simar says no he won’t go. Call your senior doctors. Rajhinder says let it go. Simar says no. he has to pay. The ward boy says I am sorry madam. Simar punches him. Prem says simar don’t hit him for such a small mistake.. Simar says hit means? Kamiya says in heart it was kaal? Simar says what I did? Simar says what I did with him? SImar says I am sorry. I don’t know what happened to me. I don’t know what I did. He says its okay madam. Mataji says simar what happened to you? You hit him for no reason. Kamiya says it happens because of hormonal changes. Jhanvi says yes leave it. Khushi says we should go home, she needs rest. They all leave. Mataji wonders what happened to simar suddenly. She says in heart it wasn’t normal.
Prerna asks mataji are you okay? Mataji says yes. Prerna gets a call. its from inspector. Prerna says yes? He says Sid gave me your number, I wanted to inform you that he has been arrested. prerna says what why? He says the function he was organizer of was, there was a fire there. He has been arrested for being careless. Prerna says oh God. She says I have to go alone. Everyone is already tensed.

Mahmaya says your anger will kill us Kaal. Forgive us and calm down. They all whirl and dance. Mahamaya reads her mantra.
prem holds simar’s hand in the car, while on the way back home. simar looks at mataji.. Mahmaya says this means this black thread is making kaal angry. Its has to be taken off simar’s wrist.
simar says anajali come to mama. Anjali says no. Mataji says you are a good girl. I told you your mama is not well. Go hug mama. Simar says promise I will never do it again. Sorry. Anjali hugs simar.
Simar says Kamiya I don’t feel like eating. Kamiya says you have to eat these apples. Kamiya slips the plate on simar hand, simar’s hand cuts because of knife. Kamiya says I am so sorry. Take out these bangles. I will dress the wound. Kamiya says take out this thread too.. Simar says I can’t. kamiya says just for now. Wear it again.
Simar takes off the thread.

Precap-Simar says it can be a son too. Prem says no I want a daughter. Simar finger cut.. Simar sucks it. Kamiya says simar and kaal tasted the blood. Mataji says pandit ji said simar’s child is not good for our family.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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